How We Work

Niswey’s Project Delivery Process


Niswey's project delivery process


How We Ensure Delivery


Project Delivery Process | Ownership

For every project we take on, we own it right from the get go. We are always on the job, making sure every task and deliverable is completed on time.  But what sets us apart is that we go beyond tasks, and take ownership of achieving your marketing goals as well. We keep our eye on the ball, and do whatever it takes to create value for your business.

Because we take complete ownership of the project, we ensure that nothing comes in the way of our deliverables. Not even our clients. So if we have sent across a content piece for approval, we will chase you till we have the approval and not wait till eternity for you to respond. If we have shared website changes to be implemented, we will be in constant touch with your technical team, till the changes are implemented to our satisfaction.

Once we understand your business goals, we want you to start seeing results. For that, we need to deliver according to schedule. And that’s possible only when we take complete ownership and quickly resolve roadblocks, whether it’s at our end or yours.


Project Delivery Process | Ownership

Clients fear that once a project is outsourced, they won’t know what is going on anymore. But that is never the case with projects at Niswey.

At the start every new project, we prepare detailed reporting dashboards that are shared with you. These dashboards track tasks and performance metrics, and are updated every week. Reporting happens not only when the numbers are up, but also when they are down. This means we can spot issues in time and brainstorm with you about what might be going wrong and what needs to be done.

The bottom line is, when we work on a project, we make sure you are in the loop at all times. You know what we are doing, why we are doing it, and exactly how it will impact your business.


Project Delivery Process | Tools

At any given point, Niswey teams are working on a couple of different projects, each with varied tasks and project goals. To keep our project delivery process streamlined and teams coordinated, we use different project management tools.

We use time management tool Toggl, to keep a track of time spent on each project, for each client. We also strive to speed up workflows, by ensuring that, with practice, similar tasks take progressively less time to complete.

We use the project management tool Asana, to make sure that the entire team is on the same page. All our clients have a dedicated Asana project, and all tasks are meticulously assigned and updated.

We use the Google Calendar to prioritize our daily tasks.


Project Delivery Process | Agile

Digital marketing is a rapidly evolving industry and speed is of the essence. Planning, execution and analysis needs to be an ongoing process. At Niswey, we work according to the agile marketing methodology, planning our tasks around two week sprints.

Project goals are broken down into smaller tasks and a bunch of them are executed every sprint. Sprints allow our teams to stay dynamic and adaptable, as we can:

  • Quickly test strategies and zero in on the ones that work
  • Accommodate new strategies if there are new business goals

We also have project syncs on a bi-weekly basis. These are quick, ten minute stand-ups where we take stock of who is doing what this week, and how much it has been completed. This also helps figure out if anyone on the team is facing any roadblocks, quickly resolve them and move ahead.


Project Delivery Process | Customer Alignment

We take up projects with varying scope of work. For some of our clients we are managing everything from their website, to ads, to social media and what have you. For some clients, we might be responsible for improving just their SEO rankings. Irrespective of the scope we of the project, we always align with the client teams to ensure smooth delivery.

We work seamlessly with your technical teams, sales, content, offline marketing or PR teams; as per the requirements of the project. Even if the final implementation or delivery lies with your team, once again, we own the process. We coordinate with them and get regular updates right up till the tasks have been completely executed.


From the moment we get started on your project, we are on the same team. Our project delivery process is centered around being in complete sync with your business goals. And everything we do is geared towards achieving those goals. The project succeeds because we are in complete sync with you and your business. We put in everything we got, because we win only when you win.