At Niswey, there are certain core values and motivators that define us. Be it great clients and awesome projects or great clients with challenging projects – our baseline continues to stay the same. Really!

Customer Focus

At any point, during any project or deliverable – our focus is always, always on the customer. Understanding actual requirements is what helps us arrive at business benefits, design project requirements and give quality deliverables.

We listen, empathise, understand – and focus on becoming your partners in designing better solutions.

How we do this:

A client was in the process of revamping their offerings and would not require our dedicated SEO services during that period. What they did need was some bit of consulting. And that is what we delivered – even though it meant decreased revenue for us!


Our intent during a project, consulting or even an initial meeting is to assess business benefit and ROI for our customer. Our clients’ business growth will be the only way for us to grow.

It is also equally important for us to do this with honesty, transparency and absolute integrity.

How we do this:

A client wanted exponential increase in traffic for their website. We were aware of their willingness to pay for this traffic. Organic traffic is hard and takes longer to build. Moreover, it requires constant and consistent effort to maintain this traffic. We chose organic traffic over paid traffic. It took time, but is resulting in building of a community of loyal readers and visitors.


Walk into our office to see us thriving on, getting high on and getting excited about excellence. If it is not the best possible that we are delivering to our client – there is no point in doing it – half measures do not satisfy anyone. Least of all our team.

How we do this:

A client lacked clarity in their approach towards design of digital marketing activities for their site. They wanted us to deliver on a huge scale from day 1, with a month on month increase in deliverables from our end. This approach would have resulted in a medium term gain, with a huge capital outlay. We advised them to do the exact opposite. Start small, build traffic, assess, analyse, modify – finalise plans. And even after that, invest smaller amounts over a longer period of time for better ROI. We gained trust, established a relationship and got referred as the company which really helps your business!


“It is not that I’m so smart. But I stay with the questions much longer.” – Albert Einstein

At Niswey, we really do enjoy learning. A team with diverse and multiple skillsets definitely helps! The constant questions help us even more. We always ask questions – of ourselves, of each other, of our clients. And if we are not satisfied with the answers, we continue asking questions. Constantly. The Internet helps. So do our mentors.

How we do this:

Recently, Google brought about a major change in their search algorithm. We had foreseen this change almost a year back and written a blogpost about it. Read it here. After the change, we studied and understood the new algorithm – and wrote and shared our learnings through another blogpost. The best way to learn? Is by teaching and sharing one’s learning.


The one common denominator that drives Niswey, its projects, and its people. Enjoyment, fun, happiness, all form part of our everyday existence – but Joy? Joy defines us.

Everything is possible, achievable, worth doing and worth doing well – if we do it with joy!

Simple yet complex, clear yet with untold depths, easy to get but difficult to hold on to.

Walk into our office to sense the connect, feel a part of something big, become a part of this joyful universe!


One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar.
– Helen Keller