• Suma E P / CEO
    Suma E P

    Learner of stuff, believer in the power of an individual, a team, and of course content marketing. Loves the B2B space, especially IT. Intrigued by the way traditional media business is being redefined by the online onslaught. Inspired by youngsters who use social media fearlessly. Compulsive reader, ghost blogger, spiritual seeker, cartoons-watcher, happy mother. Holds an unused professional degree in architecture. Over 19 years of work behind her, nine years of that in trep-town.

  • Abhinav Sahai / COO
    Abhinav Sahai

    The dreamer with an execution bent of mind. Drives the team to excellence, and is focused on delivering what’s right for the customer. Every time. Abhors herd mentality, forces everyone to look for the Why in every project. Engineer by education, entrepreneur by passion, change-maker in the making. Avid reader, problem solver, blogger, ‘young man in a hurry’. Seven years of work experience, wise beyond his years. Favourite word: Intent.

  • Dhiraj Pandey / CTO
    Dhiraj Pandey

    Team clown, chief geek, gym rat! Aspires to build great product after product till his last breath. Also to never be too old or inflexible to understand younger generations. Travel junkie, happiest when on his motorbike on a long, winding road. Or cooking up a biryani storm.

  • Daizy Jain / Graphic Design Specialist
    Daizy Jain

    Back in India after a few years working in New York, this graphic designer takes you by surprise when she reels off dialog after dialog from hard core cult Hindi movies. The global citizen of the team, she relates interesting tales from her stay in various countries. But the best part about her is that she listens, really listens to the customer. And is looking for joy from her work.

  • Nilanjana Dey / Content Marketing Specialist
    Nilanjana Dey

    She fell in love with Niswey even before she had met us, and now can’t imagine working elsewhere. She started off as a writer, but now she heads all content marketing activities and trains our new writers. She calls herself as an introvert, but runs our client’s live webinar series coolly. Loves food, trinkets, pretty stationery, books, poetry (she is a published poet), dancing, movies…basically, she enjoys life. Our lunches are no fun the day she is not around, because we love teasing her!

  • Deepak Bisht / Inbound Marketing Strategist
    Deepak Bisht

    Quiet and unassuming at first sight, but packs a punch in the talent department. Excited to be part of the inbound marketing world, he brings a lot of energy and great ideas to the team. Gives the impression of being the serious kind, who has it all figured out, but it’s just a matter of time before he starts acting his age. Loves to chill out with a good game of cricket, and his all-time favourite movie is The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

  • Manan Dua / Inbound Marketer
    Manan Dua

    People communicate with words and actions, Manan understands energies. He does a task, takes a decision, applies for a job, all based on energies. If it intuitively feels right, he will do it. That’s how he landed at Niswey, he says. Give him a task, and he will not take a break till he has completed it. He is also careful about what he eats. There’s no food on the planet, however decadent, sinful, delicious that will entice him to take a bite. MMA, meditation, reading about spirituality are some of his favorite things.

  • Praveen / Web Developer

    Praveen loves potatoes, and chicken and burgers. But there’s something that trumps all of that. It’s code. It’s a delight to see him having intense discussions with the tech team on why his coding approach is better. He is an MMORPG fan and is exploring different genres of movies, but clearly doesn’t like it when sudden twists in the plot “ruin everything!” His innocence is delightful, and from that stems immense wisdom that can shock people into reality.

  • Simran Sakshi / Content Marketer
    Simran Sakshi

    She is the quiet powerhouse of the team. Quietly solving content challenge after challenge. Maybe because her life is about lofty goals of social entrepreneurship that create fear and awe in her every day. So a big deadline here, and a few small ones there are not things that will get her down. But quiet, she says, she is not. Just needs the right company to get chatty about fun, frolic and Harry Potter.

  • Prakaram Gaur / Inbound Marketer
    Prakaram Gaur

    Prakaram is the guy who dreams of making it big in life and is ready to really put in the work that it demands. In fact, sitting idle and sleeping are the two things he doesn’t like doing. Talk about a workhorse! Sharp as a tack, Prakaram has a keen grasp of business and is quick to spot new opportunities and quicker to capitalize on them. Fast learning the ropes of digital marketing, his drive and hunger to learn are the best things about him.

  • Devansh Sharma / Inbound Marketer
    Devansh Sharma

    Devansh looks like the sweet boy next door. And he is. Except he is a toughie who has seen more ups and downs in his life than the average person his age. And he straddles many things: an engineering degree, a love for inbound marketing, a passion for photography, a serious interest in video creation, a commitment to cracking the toughest MBA exam in the country, again. And oh, don’t miss his sharp wit, his quiet demeanour could easily throw you off!

  • Amarjeet Rao / Front End Developer
    Amarjeet Rao

    The reserved guy behind the monitor, Amarjeet is doing double duty as a frontend developer and a graphic designer. And he is simultaneously completing his college degree to boot. With a tenacious work ethic, he will keep at it until he gets it right, whether that’s code or design. Straddling new projects and learning something new every day, he has proved to be quite the revelation.

  • Sudhir Ekka / Admin
    Sudhir Ekka

    All-in-one assistant, whether it’s bank work or invoicing, data entry or making Maggi. Always-on smile. Never says no to work. Hockey tournament referee. Spends all free time on news sites or practising his typing speed. Caring person with huge commitment to help others in times of distress.