• Suma E P / CEO
    Suma E P

    Learner of stuff, believer in the power of an individual, a team, and of course content marketing. Loves the B2B space, especially IT. Intrigued by the way traditional media business is being redefined by the online onslaught. Inspired by youngsters who use social media fearlessly. Compulsive reader, ghost blogger, spiritual seeker, cartoons-watcher, happy mother. Holds an unused professional degree in architecture. Over 19 years of work behind her, nine years of that in trep-town.

  • Abhinav Sahai / COO
    Abhinav Sahai

    The dreamer with an execution bent of mind. Drives the team to excellence, and is focused on delivering what’s right for the customer. Every time. Abhors herd mentality, forces everyone to look for the Why in every project. Engineer by education, entrepreneur by passion, change-maker in the making. Avid reader, problem solver, blogger, ‘young man in a hurry’. Seven years of work experience, wise beyond his years. Favorite word: Intent.

  • Anubhav Tiwari / Solution Designer
    Anubhav Tiwari

    The person who wants to be doing a lot of things, so he can learn a lot of stuff. Engineer with Infy experience, and a post grad degree in fashion tech from NIFT, and six years of work experience. Photographer who conducts shoots for e-commerce websites. Interested in design, UX, fashion, ethics, business models, and questioning status quo. Social media enthusiast who monitors engagement closely.

  • Akhil Saxena / Content Marketing Specialist
    Akhil Saxena

    Over four years of work experience. The research guy who chose the tough dream of pursuing content marketing for tech companies. Gets his mojo while learning about cloud, Drupal, and Google Analytics. Slips easily into news anchor/reporter mode for events we manage. Aspiring slam poet, avid trekker. Deadpan humor expert. Bringer of lunches to die for. Plans to learn cooking.

  • Sudhir Ekka / Admin
    Sudhir Ekka

    All-in-one assistant, whether it’s bank work or invoicing, data entry or making Maggi. Always-on smile. Never says no to work. Hockey tournament referee. Spends all free time on news sites or practising his typing speed. Caring person with huge commitment to help others in times of distress.

  • Dhiraj Pandey / Technology Consultant
    Dhiraj Pandey

    Team clown, chief geek, gym rat! Aspires to build great product after product till his last breath. Also to never be too old or inflexible to understand younger generations. Travel junkie, happiest when on his motorbike on a long, winding road. Or cooking up a biryani storm.

  • Daizy Jain / Design Specialist
    Daizy Jain

    Back in India after a few years working in New York, this graphic designer takes you by surprise when she reels off dialog after dialog from hard core cult Hindi movies. The global citizen of the team, she relates interesting tales from her stay in various countries. But the best part about her is that she listens, really listens to the customer. And is looking for joy from her work.

  • Nilanjana Dey / Content Marketing Specialist
    Nilanjana Dey

    Just out of college, and easily stepping into real life. A writer who is discovering that she can be extremely prolific. A learner who is hungrily grasping the nuances of digital marketing. A dreamer who is given to a bit of crazy dancing if life steps up the tempo. Avid reader, serial TV show watcher, knower of four languages!

  • Madhura Birdi / Design Specialist
    Madhura Birdi

    Madhura’s association with the company is almost as old as the company itself. She came in as a shy copyeditor, explored writing extensively and managed content projects. Over time she discovered other talents she had and doggedly explored art and design. And that’s the area she is getting skilled on in her current avatar at Niswey. A writer- copyeditor who is a designer too…it happens only at Niswey.

  • Deepak Bisht / Inbound Marketing Executive
    Deepak Bisht

    Quiet and unassuming at first sight, but packs a punch in the talent department. Excited to be part of the inbound marketing world, he brings a lot of energy and great ideas to the team. Gives the impression of being the serious kind, who has it all figured out, but it’s just a matter of time before he starts acting his age. Loves to chill out with a good game of cricket, and his all-time favourite movie is The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

  • Boris Poonia / Inbound Marketing Specialist
    Boris Poonia

    Another quiet guy to join the ranks at Niswey, and he doesn’t talk even when you do get to know him. Frankly, very few of us have ever seen him do anything other than poring over his laptop. Armed with a smile and some potent sarcasm, he works his magic researching, learning and creating awesome blogs. A fan of keeping things simple, and sleeping when life gets too hectic to handle. Also a sports buff, dabbling in football and tennis.

  • Roopali Rawat / Inbound Marketing Specialist
    Roopali Rawat

    Deep diving into inbound marketing and fast learning all the strokes. Brings an infectious energy to the team, picking up new skills and implementing them in her projects. The girl who knows what she wants and gets the job done. A multitasker who can whip up mouthwatering delicacies in the kitchen, even as she grooves to Bollywood beats. Confident, independent, and a firm believer in the fact that a good nap takes care of all the stress in life.

  • Kumudi Arora / Marketing Intern
    Kumudi Arora

    Zeroed in on digital marketing as her chosen career and is here to get as much experience under her belt as possible. Always enthusiastic to get into new projects. Loves the thrill of balancing multiple tasks and completing each one to perfection. An amateur painter, shopaholic, and our resident Game of Thrones expert.

  • Udeshna Sarma / Marketing Intern
    Udeshna Sarma

    A whirlwind of energy which turns into dogged determination and focus, when channeled into work. Fascinated by marketing and hence always looking for new projects to work with, new things to learn. She has taken on the additional role of the office jester, and always has a string of hilarious childhood stories and ridiculous facial expressions to keep us in splits

  • Karthik Selvatkar / Marketing & Research Intern
    Karthik Selvatkar

    A dreamer who has his eyes set on the goal, and is here to make a mark. A Google kid who’s learning as much and as fast as he can, and makes sure he gets the job done. Technology and marketing are his two great passions and that’s how he brings in dedication and a keen eye for detail to his projects. Bitten by the travel bug and long bike rides are his idea of fun.

  • Sachit Pratik / Marketing & Research Intern
    Sachit Pratik

    A desire to learn all about digital marketing is what brought him to Niswey. Already working hard on several projects, we’d say he is learning hard, and then some. He’s all about taking ownership of his work and prefers to focus on one thing at a time. A Christopher Nolan movie buff, die-cast car collector, and a fan of German football.