Why Us

Niswey does what is right for your business. Here are the reasons why our customers choose us.

  • We start with your marketing goals and tailor a strategy that helps you achieve them over time
  • We create content from knowledge that resides in your company, so that all communication that is created is truly about the company, its differentiators and the value it creates for its customers
  • We continuously review the strategy using a strong analytics process that sieves out the insights that your marketing needs
  • We bring trending design approaches and execution to the table

Everyone needs digital marketing. Right? Wrong!

A travel agency approached us to start digital marketing activities. After a round of exhaustive questions, we came to the conclusion that the agency was not ready for digital marketing initiatives. To go ahead and plan digital marketing activities in haste would only waste marketing budgets. So we suggested that they start with their offline marketing activities first, sustain that for six months and only then start digital marketing.

Making every dollar count!

Working with a customer in ready-to-eat organic food segment we did a week long analysis of their existing social media strategy. Social media performance was dependent on paid advertisements. We carved out a new content strategy after detailed research, and suggested the customer to do away with paid advertisements as the ROI was not enough. The focused and well-researched approach to create contextually relevant content ensured that taking off advertisements didn’t affect the performance. This saved client’s advertisement spends without compromising on the results. As a matter of fact, the engagement levels rose as compared to ad driven strategy!

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