Content Marketer Enterprise Technology

You know what SaaS or IaaS is. You know what it means when we say the data center action is moving to Co-Los. You are intrigued by the rise of analytics and how it’s helping businesses. You don’t blink an eye when you are asked to write about a Drupal module.

We are looking for a content marketer who gets enterprise technology. “You mean a technical writer,” you ask.

NO! This is not a plain content writing job. We are on the hunt for a Content Marketer. Someone who understands the business aspect of technology, who knows writing, and is interested in marketing.

Here’s what we are looking for

  • Flair for writing (business writing)
  • Exceptional written and spoken English
  • Basic understanding of business and marketing
  • Fire to learn about digital media and apply it to business
  • Self-driven, responsible, team player, sincere, results-oriented

If you become a part of Niswey, here’s what you’ll do:

  • Write about cloud, data centers, analytics, Drupal and how these technologies are helping businesses across the world
  • Conduct interviews and write stories and blogs based on them
  • Work with inhouse and partner designers to get great graphics and collaterals out
  • Work with marketing heads and CEOs and be part of the strategizing and ideation
  • Learn about leading edge digital and content marketing ideas and learn how to implement them

Minimum Working Experience: 5 Years

Niswey is building a team of cutting-edge new-age marketers who will drive the marketing for mid to large technology enterprises. Are you one?

Do make sure you go through the kind of people we attract and if you believe you fit that personality type, here’s one more thing you should know, we work in a flat organization structure.

Oh! And one more thing, do read our letter to a content writer.

If you fit the bill, write to us at careers [at] niswey [dot] com or fill the form below: