Inbound Marketing Job

As we continue to grow with our inbound marketing service offerings for our customers, we are constantly looking for people hunting for inbound marketing jobs. So who exactly are we looking for? Someone who ‘gets’ inbound marketing. Wondering who are these people who ‘get’ it and if you fit the bill, we’d recommend you to read the letter our CEO, Suma, wrote to the inbound marketer.

Here’s a snippet from that:

And as you trawl the Internet, hanging out at inbound marketing communities and content marketing blogs, you see what you’re inspired to do. To use your brilliant brain to understand a client’s business and objectives, and see what you can do with inbound to meet those objectives. You know it’s hard, really hard work. But it’s going to be worth the while when traffic and engagement on the website climb the charts and leads make a steady inflow.

You know the great part of being an inbound marketer is that you can use your knowledge of content, SEO, social media, advertising, email marketing, analytics to come together in an optimal way to make the business goals happen. It’s connecting the dots like no one else can. It’s being able to work with a team of people to get the numbers go the right direction in a steep incline.

If that snippet got you interested, read the complete letter.

You’ll be doing everything that a person on an inbound marketing profile does. So we’re not going to explain it and waste your time. If you’ve understood what we mean, then go ahead and write to us!

Before you apply, we recommend you should know more about Niswey, here are a few links that will help you with it

Interested? Excited? You know what to do 🙂