Graphic Designer job


We’re looking for a Visual Treat Creator aka Designer

Work Profile: Convert ideas into visual treats and experiences

These visual treats (output) can be in the form of:

  • Web pages
  • Emailers
  • Documents and Presentations
  • Cartoon strips
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Storyboards
  • Products

You will work closely with the:

  • Marketing and brand ideation team
  • Content team
  • Technology team
  • Customers

You should be able to

  • Believe everything, yes everything, can be done in Photoshop (or a similar tool)
  • Create illustrations
  • Work in teams
  • Work in solace
  • Most important: Learn

Did you say you know (or are willing to learn) HTML/CSS too – you already have an advantage!

What kind of people are we looking for? Simple:

  • We don’t like experts, we prefer people who are always willing to learn and are able to learn quickly
  • You do what you preach, or at least try
  • You not only work hard, you party hard too
  • You have an eye for detail
  • If you’re a (regular) blogger, we already love you!
  • You are a DIY person. Period

Why should you join Niswey?

  • Being a start-up, our culture encourages you to do whatever you can to make the company better, even if it falls outside of your primary job responsibility
  • Even though we are a small team, through our closely knit partners network, you get exposure to people from various backgrounds including writers, designers, marketers, techies, HRs, and a lot of entrepreneurs, who are themselves multifaceted
  • Freedom of expression
  • Unlike any other digital marketing company, we are not in the business of doing the job and getting paid, we are there to create value for our customers & ourselves and while doing so, we don’t mind getting paid. So we don’t pick up projects where there is no scope of creativity, so you won’t get bored, ever!

Do make sure you go through the kind of people we attract and if you believe you fit that personality type, here’s one more thing you should know, we work in a flat organization structure.

So if you think you can fit a role that’s different from what’s mentioned above, please feel free to write to us at careers [at] niswey [dot] com or share your portfolio link and we’ll try to figure out a way to work together.