B2B Content Writer


No, this opening is not for anyone who enjoys writing or has “a passion for writing”. This is not a call for lifestyle, travel, healthy living, or gadget writers.

This is NOT a call for B2C writers.

This is a call for those who want to take their writing to a whole new level, to create phenomenal value for those who read their stories. We are looking for people who can write for businesses.

This is a call for those who are not afraid of technology: servers, in-memory databases, open-source technologies, SaaS, etc. This is not to say you need to know all that  (if you do, that’s a plus!). But this is to emphasize that you need to be a person who doesn’t get scared at the first instance of something that sounds high-tech or requires you to do more research than you’ve ever done in your life.

We are looking for people who

  • Are good writers
  • Are great with research
  • Want to write for a complex domain as Business to Business, and understand business
  • Want to make a difference with their writing
  • Are hardworking, sincere, and have integrity

Tall order? Yes, we are looking for only the extra special ones. Send a mail to careers [at] niswey [dot] com or fill the form below.

If you don’t think you qualify as above but have what it takes to build it all, drop a mail – we love getting honest mails.

If you end up joining us (that is, if you like us, and we like you), you’ll get to learn the ropes of B2B writing, content strategy, and the use of leading-edge tools for content marketing. And if we find you are a great performer, you get absorbed at Niswey as a B2B content marketer.

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One thing I always think and realise is that Niswey was best digital marketing experience and I always had an edge while talking about it. Others who interned in digital marketing roles were doing only SMM or etc. But we had overall exposure.

Digital Marketing Intern, IIM-K


My overall experience was great. I got to learn so much from the internship and it gave me a more hands-on experience than others. Others didn't have the access to all the tools we got to play with. We also had the opportunity to touch upon all aspects of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Intern, IIM-K