Internship In Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship intern

What is this about

You dream of starting a business someday. And before you take the plunge, you want to learn everything about it. And even experience it. No, this is not an MBA course. This internship is going to be a hands-on experience on everything you need to know while running a business. What all does a business encompass? Sales, marketing, hiring, operations, administration, research, decision making, and many more things you may or may not imagine. 

So how does this work?

You need to commit for anywhere between 12-24 months. Yes, any learning requires you to commit. And to be honest, that’s a pretty short time frame to learn how to run a business. 

You will be working closely with the Niswey co-founders. Most entrepreneurs will have too many ideas and too little time to execute them. So you will be responsible for getting those ideas implemented. The other big role that entrepreneurs play is to enable their teams to get the job done. And as part of that, there are a lot of challenges, so your job will be to think of solutions, brainstorm if needed, and get those solutions implemented.  

What will you learn

  • Romancing the finance sheet
  • Making ‘time’ your best friend
  • The art of proposing
  • The magic of thinking big
  • Scientific advertising 
  • Delegating sweetly
  • Goals planning
  • Resource planning
  • Succession planning
  • Prioritizing 
  • Decision making
  • Getting things done
  • Emotional agility
  • Being original
  • Problem-solving
  • Crafting beautiful stories
  • Running a profitable business

You need to be somebody who

  • Has the ability to question 
  • Is hungry to learn
  • Moves fast
  • Is ready to put in long hours
  • Is able to talk to strangers
  • Knows Microsoft or Google Office Suite
  • Can learn new tools quickly
  • Obsessive with taking things to completion

Do make sure you go through the kind of people we attract, and if you believe you fit that personality type, here’s one more thing you should know, we work in a flat organization structure. Interested? The application form’s on the right!

If you think you can fit a role that’s different from what’s mentioned above, please feel free to write to us at careers [at] niswey [dot] com, and we’ll try to figure out a way to work together.

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My overall experience was great. I got to learn so much from the internship and it gave me a more hands-on experience than others. Others didn't have the excess to all the tools we got to play with. We also had the opportunity to touch upon all aspects of digital marketing.

Sachit Pratik
Digital Marketing Intern, IIM-K


One thing I always think and realise is that Niswey was best digital marketing experience and I always had an edge talking about it. Others who interned in digital marketing were only doing SMM or etc. But we had overall exposure.

Karthik Mithra
Digital Marketing Intern, IIM-K