Martech Specialist

Are you a marketing + technology expert with good
knowledge of HubSpot? We might be looking for you!

Marketing Technologist

Niswey is a rapidly growing company focused on leveraging the USD 120 billion martech industry. We have marketing services as well as products built largely around the HubSpot ecosystem. We have six products in the HubSpot marketplace and are building a new one in 2021. We are developing custom and complex integrations for HubSpot for our various clients around the world. We also work on the HubSpot CMS Hub, which is rapidly gaining ground as the CMS of choice for great marketing teams. 

We are looking to add a Martech Specialist to our team who brings business understanding as well as marketing automation and CMS expertise to the table. You should have good experience working on HubSpot. You need to know marketing as well as code. 

Experience: 3+ years



You will work with Account Managers and clients to troubleshoot the challenges they face on a day to day basis. This could be anything from solving small CMS hiccups to recommending a better workflow, leveraging HubL for a better solution, to executing great parts of HubSpot CRM implementations.

You will be working on multiple projects simultaneously, so an ability to mutli-task without losing focus is an advantage.

You will be working with clients, developers, marketers and designers closely to deliver projects. So your communication and listening skills have to be great.

Most of your work will need critical thinking and troubleshooting. The ability to ask questions, experiment with ideas, and strong research skills are required.



  • 2+ Years working on HTML/CSS. JavaScript is a plus.
  • Experience working with Content Management Systems like HubSpot, Wordpress etc. 
  • Have experience in HubL and creating HubSpot templates using HubL. HubSpot CMS certification is a plus.
  • Worked with web designers to create HubSpot templates and custom modules from scratch.
  • Worked on apps and integrations from the HubSpot marketplace.
  • Understand APIs and integrations, from the tech as well as the business sides.
  • Strong sense of design and are able to articulate what is on trend, what looks good. Attention to detail is a must.

While the role sounds like you need to be an engineer with an MBA, we have BBA and Economics grads with a great tech mindset doing this role very well. In short, your educational background won't matter a lot here.


What you’ll be doing on the team:

In the first month you'll...

  • Attend organization training and know the Niswey story, how we work and our goals for the future
  • Learn how to use tools in your daily work
  • Learn about Niswey values and how to bring them to your work
  • Learn how to resolve issues on your own 
  • Learn how to decide when you need help
  • Have 1:1 meetings with key members at Niswey 
  • Learn the processes related to martech projects
  • Work on tasks and demonstrate martech problem solving and execution skills

By month 4 you'll…

  • Be handling martech tasks for at least one of our clients independently
  • Have demonstrated that you can look at various types of problems: HTML/CSS, JS, HubL, API, etc and come up with solutions that are practical and viable
  • Be working closely with developers to implement the solutions independently
  • Have gained design sensibilities to ensure your projects also meet design standards of the clients
  • Learn how to run your tasks profitably
  • Be having monthly 1:1s with your mentor, as well as a Co-founder

By month 7 you'll...

  • Be the Project Manager for one client
  • Be the single point of contact for the client on a daily basis 
  • Be assessing the projects that come in and assign to different teams for execution
  • Be responsible for the quality of work that is delivered: marketing, technology or design
  • Work with the Account Manager to identify areas of improvement as well as learn to spot new project opportunities

You can go through our careers section to know the kind of people we are looking for.

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Niswey not only invests in increasing the professional skills of its employees, but it also invests heavily in making them a better person! What I learned at Niswey actually helped me redefine myself. My perspective towards my career, friends, family, and everything was detoxed. I learned fearlessness, moving on without worrying about the failures, knowing that ’getting things done’ is more important than being caught in the trap of attaining perfection.

Anubhav Tiwari
Ex-Digital Solutioning Head


Niswey was a life-changing experience for me, where I learned professionally and personally. I learned about time management and efficiency, I learned patience, I learned how to handle different clients and about project management. I learned functionally about different aspects of marketing, including how we should look at everything from the user's POV. But most importantly, I learned that I am capable and that I should trust myself.

Priyanka Tuteja
Manager - Marketing and Branding