Content and Marketing: The Most Enduring Digital Love Story

July 9, 2013
July 9, 2013 Suma EP

Love story? Yes. It’s the story that is so obvious that no one notices it. It’s a story that should be celebrated and cheered for. It’s a story whose time has come. And it looks like it’s up to us to tell it.
It reads like any other love story. One meets the other. And when they are together, they are hot, they sizzle. They make things happen. When they are not together, each dies a slow death. One has no meaning without the other. Not to each other, and definitely not to the world.
Meet the duo that will endure the test of marketing over time: Content and Digital Marketing.
Brand, Digital Marketing and Content
For long, the story has been told the wrong way. It was the story of heroes saving damsels in distress: SEO and PPC out to save the marketing world, where content was not given much attention. And sure enough, like the one-wheeled chariot, it meets its downfall sooner or later.
Anything can be bought, even love, said these fake stories. Like clicks, ads, likes. But that’s just a trophy wife to showcase, not the partner to be engaged with. Marketers are now seeing through that story.
Then there were those other versions of the story, where anything in the broad category of keywords would be used, abused, beaten to death. The story in which the sidekick, Keyword gets his own sequel and ends up with no plot, because, they forgot to add the relevance part of the story to it.
But somewhere in this din and clutter, the Brand stood up and said, “What about me?”. And the Marketer had to take notice. “You are not telling my story. All this is about something else, someone else,” said the Brand.
The Marketer looked long and hard at Digital Marketing and asked, “What are we missing here?” And he said, “I thought you’d never ask. It’s Content, of course. I am nothing without her.”
But we have content, said the Marketer.
“You have the copy-paste kind of content. Not Content relevant to the brand,” said Digital Marketing.
The Brand nodded vigorously. She said, “It must be about me, about who I am. It need not be content that you create. It is also content that speaks about me, what I stand for.”
The Marketer realized that he had to get the two together. Only then he would have the success lever for the next decade: Content Marketing.
He realized with Content about the Brand, and monitoring the success of Digital Marketing around the Content, he had a winner. Finally, he had the right set of marketing tools that would help him achieve his goals.
Stay tuned for more love stories.

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