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From lead generation and nurturing to behavioral
analytics and customer support, now meet all your
ecommerce marketing needs with HubSpot.

Ecommerce Marketing

How HubSpot helps complete the buyer’s journey for ecommerce businesses!

hubspot for ecommerce buyer journey 1-1


Lead Generation

Attract potential buyers to your website by creating a brand that resonates with them!

Utilize HubSpot features like Blogging, SEO, Social media, Ads, Chatbots, Forms, CTAs, Campaigns, and more to generate leads using the inbound methodology.

Integrations You’ll Love: Shopify, Magento, OpenCart, Custom made CMSes

360 Degree Overview

View and manage all your contacts data at one place using the HubSpot CRM.

Get started with features like Contact management, Contact website activity, Tasks and activities, Conversations inbox, Lead scoring, Lifecycle stage and other custom properties.

Integrations You’ll Love: Hotjar, LuckyOrange, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp

Convert Traffic into Sales

Close and manage more of your ecommerce deals using the Deal pipeline and Quotes feature in HubSpot.

Leverage HubSpot features like Live chat, Conversational bots, Email sequences, and Sales automation to streamline your sales process.

Integrations You’ll Love: Razorpay, CCavenue, Stripe, Paypal

Track and Attribute Revenue

How to attribute the revenue of your ecommerce marketing efforts and show the value created?

Use HubSpot features like Multi touch attribution reporting, Custom reports builder, and Analytics to keep track of all your customer touchpoints, and get a view of the entire funnel. Thus, a map between your marketing efforts Vs the digital dollars spent!

Delighting Customers

Turn customers into your advocates by personalizing their interactions with your brand.

Leverage HubSpot features like Personalization tokens, Dynamic content, Chatflows, Tickets, Knowledge base and surveys to stay on top of their needs, and delight them at every step of the buyer journey.

Integrations You’ll Love: Shopify, Magento, WhatsApp

Upselling and Remarketing

70-95% of your revenue can come from upsells and renewals! How about leveraging HubSpot to engage and reward your loyal customers?

HubSpot features like Remarketing ads, Abandon cart, HubSpot lists and workflows enable you to send targeted emails and encourage repeat purchases!

Integrations You’ll Love: Shopify, Magento, Paypal, Stripe, WhatsApp

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