Optimized Image Uploads for Faster Page Speeds

CompressHub makes sure your site visitors are not waiting around for your images to load, or worse, bouncing out.

CompressHub At Work

CompressHub is your one-stop shop for optimizing all the images use across your HubSpot site. No more reminders to editors about compressing images, no more waiting for pages to load.

With 2 quick steps, you’ll have all you images compressed, with almost no discernible loss in quality:

  • Authorize your HubSpot account
  • Select the HubSpot portal you want to use CompressHub for
  • Grant permissions to CompressHub

And voila! CompressHub kicks into action, starting with your oldest images. It continuously keeps working and optimizes on each new image you add to the site.


$29 per month
  • Compress up to 2,500 images per month.


$59 per month
  • Compress up to 5,000 images per month.


Need more?
  • Customized Pricing, 5000+ images per month

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