Automated Image Compression Plan for HubSpot Agencies

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Do You Need the LitePics Agency Plan?

As HubSpot agencies, we work on scores of landing pages and tens of websites developed on the HubSpot CMS. Then we worry about optimizing them.

How often have you heard your team groan when they have had to manually optimize hundreds of images on a website? But it has got to be done! After all, we do want to keep the page load time under 5 seconds. Either your team does it or you outsource it to someone else or sometimes it never gets done

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We said, “That’s enough!”

A couple of years ago, a HubSpot Diamond Partner  in the US reached out to us to get 1200-odd images optimized. We did it for them, manually. Then they came back with two more websites with even more images.

That’s when we decided that this process had to be automated. That led to us building an image optimization tool for HubSpot. Enter LitePics.

With LitePics you can automate image compression processes in your agency and seamlessly deliver your clients with:

• Faster websites on the HubSpot CMS

• Faster landing pages built on the HubSpot Marketing Hub

• Improved SEO and upto 50% increase in the LCP score which is affected by images present on website

• Automatic compression upto 62.5% for all old images stored in their portal and any new image that is added without sacrificing quality

Litepics Agency Plan Features

Agencies need speed, optimization and automation. LitePics delivers.

But you get more than that. With the LitePics Agency Plan, you have the flexibility to purchase a certain number of images and run LitePics on as many client portals as you need. You get more time to focus on strategic marketing activities, without sacrificing website performance. What would take you a couple of thousand dollars to accomplish, gets done at 1/10th the price!

Plans and Pricing

As an agency, we want you to be able to deliver enhanced digital experiences for your clients in the most cost-effective manner. Hence, our custom LitePics agency plans at a flat 20% discount as compared to our regular plans.


Starting from only $ 1000 800

  • Options available for compressing 10,000, 15,000, 20,000, 25,000, or more images

  • Optimize images automatically on unlimited HubSpot portals

  • Limit of 100 images compressed per day


Starting from only $ 3000 2400

  • Options available for compressing 10,000, 15,000, 20,000, 25,000, or more images

  • Optimize images automatically on unlimited HubSpot portals

  • Limit of 1,000 images compressed per day i.e. 10X faster compression at just about 3X cost

How much money can you save with LitePics Furious Agency Plan?


So, LitePics saves you money. Plus you don’t run into errors in naming, resizing or adding images to the wrong page! That saves you time. And all your original files are saved as a backup on your HubSpot account too, just in case you know. Take the first step in streamlining your agency's workflow and improving your client's website performance with LitePics Agency Plan.


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