Why Intent?

It's the secret sauce of success.

Intent indicates volition…

…the power of choosing. It smells of will.

If everyone in your team doesn’t share the intent to deliver the goal you have set out to achieve, the goal is just going to be a lot harder to get to. And you’ll lose time.

But everyone wants the same thing, you say.


A CEO of a company wanted ROI, the CMO wanted to kickstart inbound marketing, the VP of sales wanted to arrive at a good CAC, the marketing manager wanted social media awesomeness. Broadly everyone wanted to go in the same direction, but there wasn’t a single sharp path to take. So they ended up meandering, having conflicts, going down unnecessary rabbit holes, and delaying actions good for business sustainability. And a year later, had to shut down the business.


Real-life story.

No, not everyone has the same intent. Get aligned on the intent, and the goals will be easier to hit..

Have more honest conversations within the team. Call us for some tea so we can have a freewheeling chat about intent and goals, or about intuition and synchronicity, if that rings a bell.


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