How can I set WhatsApp messages as triggers in HubSpot Workflows?

Follow the steps to set WhatsApp messages as triggers in HubSpot Workflows using HubSpot+WhatsApp Integration:

  • Go to the HubSpot Workflows page

HubSpot Workflow page

  • Click ‘Create Workflow’

Click create workflow

  • Select ‘Contact Based’ workflow and click on ‘Next’

Contact-based workflow

  • Click on ‘Set Enrollment Triggers’

Set enrollment triggers

  • Set Filter Type as ‘HubSpot+WhatsApp Integration: Message received’ or ‘HubSpot+WhatsApp Integration: Message sent’, as per your workflow requirement

Set triggers as per your requirements

  • Set the other criteria and actions as per your requirement

You can create tasks, set meetings, and trigger other actions by setting WhatsApp message-based triggers.