What are some of the best practices to keep in mind when using the WhatsApp HubSpot Automation?

Common errors to avoid for better communication with your contacts on WhatsApp.

1. When sending a WhatsApp message to contacts

  • Please note that if you are using the WhatsApp API account, your first message to a customer can only be a template message. If it is the beginning of the conversation, the chat will not appear on the WhatsApp automation dashboard. So you will have to send a message manually via HubSpot workflows.
  • Once you have sent the message, please make sure to reply within 24 hours. After 24 hours, session messages will fail and not get delivered. If you still want to send a message, you can use a pre-approved template (either from template dropdown or workflow - depends on your WhatsApp API provider).

For more information on template and session messages, you can also check out this article

2. When using template parameters in HubSpot workflows

  • When creating a HubSpot workflow for automated messages on WhatsApp, please ensure that you replace a template parameter with a contact property from the contact token dropdown.
  • Also, ensure that the contact property used to replace the parameter contains a value on HubSpot.
    For example, Hi {1}, thanks for getting in touch with us.
    In the above message, if you replace {1} with the 'First name' from the contact token drop-down, make sure your contacts have the field 'First name' filled on HubSpot. If the field is empty for some contacts, the message will not go through to them.

3. When using media templates

  • If your pre-approved WhatsApp template contains a footer/header/media file/CTA button; any one of them or all of them - the Template type on your HubSpot workflow should be set as 'Media Template'.
  • WhatsApp currently supports video files in only .mp4 format. If you use any other format, your message will not get sent. Also, WhatsApp currently does not support MP4 files without audio.
  • Image formats supported: JPG, JPEG, PNG.
  • Document format supported: PDF.

We hope using these best practices enable you to connect better with your clients on WhatsApp. For more queries, please reach out to: hw@niswey.com