Integrate Your Mobile App with HubSpot, in Just 3 Days

With Niswey's ready-to-use SDK that allows you to seamlessly push app usage data to HubSpot


App-based business? Start seeing HubSpot ROI from Week 1.

If you are an app-based business looking to leverage HubSpot, here's the roadblock: HubSpot cannot access app usage data out-of-the-box.

Well, not any more!

Introducing a mobile app SDK that allows you to make app sign-ups, events, and other usage data available inside HubSpot.

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Why do I need a mobile app SDK?

You want to take actions based on how/what users are doing on your mobile app. And you want to do this using HubSpot.

Currently, you will need to allocate time, money, and skilled personnel—in reviewing API documentation, developing, and maintaining a HubSpot custom app - to make this happen.

The mobile app SDK packs 8-10 weeks' worth of this complex work into a toolkit that takes just 3 days to set up. 

With the SDK in place, you can start leveraging app usage data in HubSpot, across a range of business use cases. 

App SDK (1)

HubSpot now becomes your one-stop shop to drive all the key milestones in your app user journey - lead generation, sign-up, onboarding, activation, engagement, and more.

How does this SDK work?

mobile SDK - capture app data in HubSpot The mobile app SDK (software development kit) is designed to act as a bridge between your mobile app and the HubSpot platform. Here's how it works:

  1. Identify which app usage data points you are tracking your app, and want to be available within HubSpot

  2. Create relevant contact/company/deal properties for these data points in HubSpot

  3. Configure the SDK with your mobile app, to push selected data points from your app into the HubSpot contact properties

For each new app usage metric that you start tracking in your app, you can leverage the SDK to start pushing that data to HubSpot as well.

Please note:

This SDK does not let HubSpot track your mobile app activity. 

The SDK only functions as a communication channel between your mobile app and HubSpot. So, for any app usage activity that you are already tracking, the SDK will simply push the information to HubSpot. 

The key difference is - you/your app is already tracking this data point. The HubSpot platform is not tracking, but simply receiving, storing, and leveraging this data. 

The SDK does not replace the need for an app analytics platform like Clevertap or Moengage.



Is the SDK available for Android and iOS?

The SDK is currently ready for Android apps. The iOS version is in the works and will be available is beta soon.

Will my app development team need to be involved in the set-up of this SDK?

Yes. The SDK (software development kit) provides a pre-built code library from which your developers can choose the functions you want, and easily configure them to send key events and data points of your mobile app to your HubSpot portal.

Without the SDK, it typically takes 8-10 weeks for developers to build a custom HubSpot app, and use it to send data into HubSpot. 

But with the SDK, you can start sending all currently tracked data points into HubSpot in just 3 days. And any newly tracked points can also be pushed to HubSpot quickly with the SDK.

So product managers, you don't need to worry about pushing your sprint goals to get your app in sync with HubSpot.

App-led businesses, ready to increase your HubSpot ROI?