Our Story

Do you believe in the Universe conspiring to make things happen?

We do. Because this company is a living example of that.

This is our story.

It was early 2013. I was the head of a content solutions company, Knowiz. Abhinav ran a digital marketing consulting company, Niswey. At the time Abhinav was convinced that the two companies should merge. I was not so sure, but we were having regular conversations  on the topic, while we pitched together to various companies offering combined solutions. What we knew about online marketing had been learnt from Hubspot largely. So our approaches matched, and so did our values.

You could say we were pitch perfect.

One day at a cafe, during one of those discussions, Abhinav said, "I want to build a company that is like the HubSpot of India."

And I looked up from my Darjeeling tea, startled. "I would never admit that to even myself but yeah that is what I want to do too!", I found myself saying.

Something about this youngster brings out the bold in me who is happy to merge into the background and simply observe things.

Pitch perfect plan to build HubSpot of India

"That's it. We are merging the companies!" And a few months down the line Niswey became Knowiz's digital marketing brand.

It was like starting up again. Hard look at values, teams spending time with each other and actually ending up becoming the best of friends. New processes, new pace. New challenges. And so much learning.

It was like everyone was tuning their musical instruments to hit the right note.

Hit the right note with team members

The first year went in handling challenges in arriving at our positioning, knowledge, sales, cash flows...the works. It was only in late 2014 that we remembered that we had wanted to be Hubspot like.

And as soon as we shared that vision with the team, we found the team taking over and working out SEO and content calendars to first have a consistent blogging machinery for ourselves in place. Then we got the promotion plans into action. And monitoring leads and working out how to attract better leads. You know, the music was starting to sound like, well, music!

And in between we pulled off a phenomenal remote coverage of INBOUND15 at Boston, staying up late nights in New Delhi. Did we have an objective for this? Yes. It was this: our white labeling service. Traffic from the US went up. And we started getting leads after a while.

Our Inbound and White Label Marketing band

Today, we have added the melody of Account Based Marketing into the grand symphony that is Inbound Marketing. Our clients are largely B2B, so ABM is proving to be a key piece for them.

Are we the Hubspot of India? Oh no. But we live the Inbound methodology to a great extent. We also have our first tool out, Irayo. And we are at the drawing board with an ambitious, possibly insane, product idea that will simplify the life of marketers, within agencies and outside.

Adding Melody of ABM into Inbound Marketing

We attended INBOUND16 and met a whole bunch of generous people who believe in the mix of inbound marketing and ABM as much as we do. This is quite close to that dream expressed over three years ago. And this is how the Universe wants us to play it.

Bring it on!

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