Photos and Videos

Helping you tell your brand stories
We spent a huge sum to get our product video done, but it is not impactful.
We got a seasoned photographer to shoot photos for our website. They look great. But, you know, the story doesn’t come through.
The video agency used the best cameras, and the best of technicians. The video looks nice, but it’s not ‘us’.

Sounds familiar? It’s not the technique or the equipment, it’s the story that’s being told, about your brand.

Photos and videos, if done in alignment with your brand’s story, take the impact of your marketing several notches higher. And bring the possibility of virality.

No doubt, your videos and photos requires the best of equipment, tight pre-production, and top notch post-production. However, above and over these, it takes brand storytelling to take your marketing cause further.

You need someone with the acumen to understand your business. The ability to understand your end customers’ requirements. One who can ask the right questions, possibly a whole lot of them. You need a team that brings the skill of finding stories in your everyday interactions with your end customers, the angry, happy and tear-jerker emails your customers shared with you, the questions your employees get asked by your customers. That’s why you should talk to us.

Business benefits

  • Stories from events: Your events are a mine for video stories. Opt for video stories over standard video dumps no one ever looks at.
  • Video resources: Short lifestyle videos, customer stories and more to build up your video bank.