Media Solutions

Reader-friendly content development to up the engagement
Media companies — traditional or new-age — that need support with developing content, magazines, compendiums and supplements can find a trusted partner in Niswey. Trusted, because –

  • We understand the need for monetizing media content.
  • We help online media channels in increasing traffic and engagement which leads to increased revenues.
  • We also get editorial integrity, so we keep the magazine branding intact.
  • We manage the entire show.

Business benefits

  • End to end magazine development: Zero headache, we handle the magazine from concept to print
  • Online media channels: Analytics driven content strategy focused on revenue increase
  • Media monetization strategy: Content and Online strategy development to stem the revenue bleed

How we create value
Till the time communities attract tons of user-generated content, companies that run communities have to create their own content and promote it. That’s exactly what we have been doing for a leading directional media company of India. Every month we work out the editorial calendar, work with a huge network of freelance writers to generate stories, edit the stories and send them for upload to the various community channels. The stories are complete with keywords, meta descriptions, alt-text, etc., so they are search-engine friendly. With a huge chuck of all content requirements taken care of by Niswey, the company can focus on its revenue generation goals based on increased engagement in its communities.