Data Driven Design

In an increasingly digital economy, the internet is the first point of contact between your brand and your potential customers. This element is the first point of attraction for your audience, and determines if they will stick with you for the rest of the way. So it’s important that design plays a prominent role in your digital marketing strategy.

Often we assume that to ‘design’ something simply means to make it aesthetically appealing. However, when it comes to designing your brand or your website, you would ideally want to go for a design that converts, rather than just looking pretty. It has to be a combination of great looks, intuitive navigation, and an easy access to the information your customers want. And when your customers get what they want, there is no way that they don’t convert.

In order to build such a website, you would need a highly data driven web-design process. Starting from basic information like who are your customers and what do they want, to in-depth data like how they navigate your site or which colour of CTA buttons get more clicks; data can answer a lot of questions. Understanding and leveraging all this data helps you place design elements that will prompt the user towards dropping a lead.

At Niswey, we understand how data-driven design can drive phenomenal returns for your business. Our web-design process looks something like this:


Our designers work hard to understand your business from a user perspective, through a series of persona building exercises. We dive deep into your analytics data, poring over heat-maps, user-flows and search queries. We collate and interpret all this data to finally craft an experience that delights your audience with the entire look and feel of your brand, while also subtly guiding them towards conversions. We have also partnered with a pool of talented developers who work with us to bring these designs to life.

Business benefits

  • Understand and leverage user-behaviour to generate more leads.
  • Build a strong brand identity across all channels.
  • Create a database for future prospects.

How we create value

The Indian School Business and Finance is a New Delhi based college, offering graduate and postgraduate courses in collaboration with the London School of Economics. Their value proposition, offering a standard of higher education akin to the University of London, was not being adequately conveyed by their website. They wanted a completed design overhaul and found Niswey to be up for the job.

We conducted detailed persona building workshops, understanding prospective undergraduate and postgraduate students. We used student surveys, combined with existing brand elements, to come up with a few colour palettes for the redesign. Most importantly, we did a thorough study of their existing website analytics. This gave us information on what exactly their visitors search for, how they navigate, which device they use to access the site, and much more. All this data helped us design a website that made it very easy to access the information that their visitors were looking for.  We then proceeded to create wireframes, which when approved, were moved to the design stage. We also crafted customized icon sets and other design collaterals to make the new design look like a cohesive whole. Thus, leveraging data helped us deliver a website with easy intuitive navigation, and an aesthetically pleasing design.

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