Digital Audit and Strategy

Get insights into your existing online strategy and presence
Your website is up, you have some traffic and some leads. But are you getting the right enquiries? Or you have burnt a ton of money launching a product, but do you get a buzz around it? You have social media presence but is it really working for the brand? Are you on the right channels? Are your email campaigns working for you, really working for you?

Get these questions answered with Niswey’s Digital Audit and Strategy services. You will get to understand the right mix of different digital marketing elements to deploy to meet your goals. Niswey’s expertise in digital marketing services helps you find the right pitch and direction for your digital marketing. We audit your ongoing initiatives on parameters contextual to your business goals. This gives you a good understanding of your online footprint and the performance of your ongoing digital marketing initiatives.

With our Digital Audit and Strategy services, you will learn:

  • How to improve your web presence within a targeted focus area, relevant to your business, resulting in increased relevant enquiries
  • Which are the social media and other web channels to focus on
  • Effective ways to plan your digital marketing spend

Business benefits 

  • Well defined marketing plan: No more ambiguity. Everything – the marketing efforts, the ROI – gets measurable which makes your digital marketing more effective.
  • Business clarity: Complete clarity on business performance. This often results in you tweaking your business decisions a bit, like pushing a product more, or deciding to discontinue another altogether.
  • Optimum resource utilization: You stop making the same mistakes, and have a better sense of how, and to what end, do you need to employ your resources.

How we create value
We conducted a full-scale Digital Marketing Audit for a large education company. They were not unhappy with their existing digital marketing activities, as they admitted they didn’t know how to judge the activities. We conducted their Digital Marketing Audit, and gave them insights on their site SEO performance, how their social media pages were doing, how they were showing up on search, how their ads were doing, what was the brand message across platforms, etc. We shared our insights with the top management team who immediately understood how they needed to improve their online marketing activities for the business goals planned.