E-mail Marketing

One-to-one engagement with your customers, leading to measurable results
Email marketing continues to be the prime way to engage directly with your customer base. You can tell stories, educate then, introduce them to new products and services, invite them for events and discussions, and ask for feedback and references through an email campaign.

What makes an email marketing exercise successful? Here’s an example.

An e-commerce company was organizing an offline event in Delhi. They sent emailers to more than a lakh of their subscribers across India. They ended up with 102 attendees—that’s 0.1% conversion.

At the same time another e-commerce company was planning to organize their offline event, also in Delhi. They decided to send their emailers to only 6000 of their subscribers in Delhi/NCR. The event saw 457 people turning up for the event. A conversion rate of 7.62%! They had figured out that the possibility of someone coming from say, Coimbatore, was pretty slim. They further segmented the customers for whom the event would hold some meaning. And only then sent out the emailer. This helped them get a higher conversion rate. Also, users who wouldn’t find the event meaningful to them, didn’t get the emailer.

So how do you plan your email marketing? What is the conversion rate for your campaigns? How do you improve it?

Niswey’s email marketing service answers these questions for you:

  • Why do you need email marketing?
  • Do you need to segment customers before the campaign starts? Why? How?
  • Is the call to action clear enough?

Business benefits

  • Build customer engagement: The right content, the right design, easily viewable across devices—these are some of the ways by which you build engagement.
  • Customer retention: Regular, relevant conversations with your customer help you retain them longer.
  • Brand recall: You create and improve your brand recall value, increasing the possibility for more business.

How we create value
A product and web application development company was facing a challenge. For some reason, subscribers were unsubscribing from the company emailers. This was a worrying trend indeed.

We looked at the trends and figured out that the company’s customers were receiving many irrelevant emailers. This didn’t add any value, and they chose to unsubscribe from emailers on topics they had no interest in. We suggested segmenting customers under 10 different verticals based on their business and services they offered. This ensured that only relevant emailers would be sent to a subscriber, and not all the mailers. This immediately put a check on the unsubscribe trend. And improved the click rates of the mailers as well.

There is a right way to use your email database. Find it, or risk losing subscribers.