Inbound Marketing

Creating Value for Your Customers

In an increasingly interconnected world, there is a way to positively influence your customers and encourage them to enter into a profitable conversation with you. It’s smart, it’s helpful and most importantly, centered around creating value for your customers. It’s called inbound marketing.

Not every firm has the funds to splurge on ads and billboards that show off their services. You might not have the manpower to make hundreds of sales calls to strangers, hoping one of them would be interested in you. This is the kind of situation where inbound marketing comes to your rescue.

Here’s how it works.

Approach of an Inbound Marketing Company

Attract: Your customers are all out there but they don’t know you exist, yet. Let’s tell them! An inbound marketing company like Niswey, helps you build a customer persona and find out what is it that they are looking for. We figure out what troubles them and help you create content that solves those problems. We promote this content in places where your customers are most likely to come across it. Once they realise that you can help them, they are obviously interested in knowing what else you can do for them.

Convert: Once you have their attention and they like what you have to say, it’s highly likely that they land up on your website. At this point, you have made a good first impression and they are inclined to work with you. Now is the time to show how you can create tremendous value for them. We create smooth user experiences that helps them explore your capabilities. A well-placed form encourages interested visitors to convert to leads.

Close: You nurture their interest and build trust. You share your knowledge, let them know that you understand their problems, and are willing to craft solutions for them. With all this effort that you have put in, chances are high that they are ready to put their faith in you and take the final plunge.

Delight: All the hard work will be pointless if you do not consistently delight your customers. You need to make sure you deliver on your promises and go above and beyond to provide flawless service. Delighted customers are the final piece of this puzzle. They become important characters in your ever evolving brand story, testimony to the great work you do. They are your brand advocates  who will spread the word about you. And we all know that personal recommendations are worth more than the biggest hoardings out there.

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Once you have your audit report, you can build on your strengths and work to improve business performance in the problem areas.

Here’s why an inbound marketing company is an ideal choice to help you in this process:

Business Benefits

How we do it

Niswey works with Srijan, a web and product development company that is focused on the open source platform, Drupal. We conducted workshops to accurately define Srijan’s customer personas and their journey through the website. We worked in close coordination with various domain heads at Srijan; to craft content that engages, educates and addresses specific problems faced by their customer personas. This joint effort resulted in significant rise in organic traffic to their website. There was improvement across all key metrics like pageviews, users and session duration; which shows how visitors engaged with the brand. Over a period or 18 months, there was a 70 percent rise in the number of leads, and all this was the result of a well-planned and executed inbound marketing strategy.

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