Marketing Automation Services

In the world of inbound marketing, taking the right content to the right persona at the right time, is what determines high business growth. But consistent execution of this idea takes a lot of time and effort. And this is where marketing automation software like SharpSpring, HubSpot, Act-On and others can be a game changer.

Marketing automation is what helps you categorize your leads into different personas, and set up workflows that engages them with relevant content. It enables you to nurture your leads without having to manually keep track of the process.

But simply signing-up for a marketing automation software is not enough. You need to have a marketing team that understands your business. You need a team that can set-up automated workflows customized for your target personas, and in sync with your business goals. And this is exactly what we offer as Marketing Automation Services at Niswey. We have worked with different automation software, and can skillfully leverage the benefits with any marketing automation software of your choice.

Business Benefits


Lead Scoring

Marketing Automation Services | lead-scoring


Every marketing automation software has its own parameters for scoring leads. But in essence, it assigns a numerical value to how important any given lead is, for your business. This helps you quickly identify leads with higher chances of converting, and make quick decisions about how best to nurture them.




Engaging the Prospect

Marketing Automation Services | engagement


Once you tag a lead as a specific persona, automated workflows designed for that persona are activated. You can set up blogs, case studies, and e-books that is tailor-made for solving their problems. Thus, they are more inclined to engage with your business and take the final step to conversion.





Integration with Other Tools

Marketing Automation Services | integration


A lot of websites use tools like Unbounce for building landing pages, or use CRM solutions that track leads. These tools capture a lot of information that can be leveraged by the automation software. Niswey’s marketing automation services ensures that your choice of automation software is integrated with all other tools and forms that you use on your website, and capture every possible lead.




Content Personalization

Marketing Automation Services | personalization


With the amount of visitor data being captured by marketing automation tools, it is possible to determine what is the visitor looking for. Once you have that information, you can customize the content that the visitor finds on your website, depending upon the persona that they fit into. The discovery of such highly targeted content greatly improves the chances of engagement and conversion.




Marketing Automation Services | analysis


Like every other service at Niswey, we keep a close track of the performance of the marketing automation. We look at campaigns that are performing well and why. We analyze campaigns and workflows that aren’t delivering results and find out how they can be improved. We look at lead conversion rates and trends, determining which kind of leads are the sweet spot for your business and how best to move them down your sales funnel.




Marketing Automation Services | retargeting


The visitor data being captured is also valuable when it comes to re-targeting. When you know who the visitor is and which of your services they are interested in, you can run campaigns that repeatedly brings that service in front of that particular visitor. This definitely helps you build brand recall, and makes sure that your service is right before them, any time they are ready to take a decision.




How we do it

We are using HubSpot to completely change the marketing and sales process for one of Niswey’s B2B clients in the technology industry. As HubSpot partners, we leverage the platform to execute all aspects of your inbound marketing strategy, constantly measure and analyze results, and optimize them accordingly. Apart from automating a host of marketing processes, improving engagement and lead nurturing, we are pursuing an account based marketing strategy to target a set of enterprises that would be the ideal customers for our clients.

Now that you know the immense possibilities, you will definitely have a ton of questions about implementing automation for your business. And so we have curated five excellent marketing automation blogs that have just the answers you need.

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