SEO, SEM and Analytics

Search Engine Optimization
Where does your website feature in the search engine results on the keywords relevant to your business? What does it take to fare better in search engine results? Niswey’s search engine optimization services answers the following questions for you:

  • Does your site adhere to search engine best practices?
  • Is your content focused on your business domain?
  • Does your content cover the relevant keywords users search for?

Search Engine Marketing
We spent huge sums on search engine advertising, still it didn’t show desired results.
We can’t figure out how to go about SEM!

These are a few of the challenges we come across with many of our customers. When we audit their initiatives, we often come across basic tech and SEO issues that have not been addressed which lead to pure wastage of PPC spends.

Niswey’s search engine marketing service gives you the budget you need to work with, and the expected ROI on it. There are some questions to be answered before you go for search engine marketing.

  • What is the right time for your brand to give the search engine marketing push?
  • What are the right keywords around which to plan it?
  • How should you execute the ad campaigns?

To start with, you need to figure out the objective behind your search engine marketing efforts. The factors critical to the success of your search engine marketing are:

  • Figuring out the right time band for paid search engine ads
  • Identifying the right keywords, relevant to your business
  • Finalizing the exact marketing budget based on the ad rates for the selected keywords
  • The expected ROI on the ad spend
  • Ideation of the ad campaigns, writing engaging ad copy and running the campaigns

What is your objective behind search engine marketing and search engine optimization? You expect to increase relevant traffic from the geography you’re focused on, engage fruitfully with your email and blog subscribers; get more enquiries for your services, generate leads, and eventually lead to business growth and create a brand for your business.

Analytics plays a key role in achieving this. It answers every ‘why’ and ‘how’ involved in the processes of search engine marketing and search engine optimization. This involves research and endless data crunching. Then you can strategize and re-strategize your digital marketing initiatives.

Effective analytics demands usage of world-standard methods and tools such as those used for A/B testing.

Content is a critical factor for the success of search engine marketing and SEO. We use heat maps to measure content effectiveness of your website. Effective usage of these methods and tools contribute to making your digital marketing initiatives a success.

Business benefits

  • Better search results: With a search engine friendly website and the right digital marketing initiatives you get better search results for your brand. This leads to more business opportunities.
  • Optimum resource utilization: Effective research and analytics help you modify your digital marketing strategy to achieve the results you want and avoid repeating mistakes.
  • Higher ROI on marketing spend: With clarity on your digital marketing strategy you make fewer mistakes and get better ROI on marketing spend.

How we create value
While working for a product and web applications development company we used analytics (Heat Maps specifically) to figure out that users visiting the website would search specifically for their “Resources” section.

We suggested that the link be added in the main navigation. This small change increased pageviews and engagement as a number of viewers who were coming to the website started going to the Resources section. Since there was a lead capturing mechanism already placed on some pages of the resources section the leads increased.