Social Media Marketing

Improve customer engagement, add brand recall — in a measurable way
What does it take to create your social media brand? Engagement is the word. Continuous, meaningful engagement with your audience. How do you achieve this? You need a well thought out social media marketing strategy and creative content to actively engage with your audience.

It takes deep probing and research to arrive at your social media strategy. Whom do you want to reach? For instance, Facebook and LinkedIn would take your brand to two different sets of customers. Do you want social media to push your sales? Or, do you want it to help generate business enquiries. What are your customers’ expectations? What is your promise to your customers?

Niswey ensures that you get the right answers to these questions. We create your brand on social media. The stories your customer needs to hear, the research that needs to be done to build, design and communicate those stories.

Creating engaging social media content—graphics, images, text, videos, and animation, mean interacting with your end users. For example, working with a ready-to-eat organic foods company we created a good part of the content interacting with their customers visiting their flagship deli. This was authentic content, which resonated with the fans on their Facebook page.

Business benefits

  • Customer engagement: Well researched, authentic content helps you engage with your customers more closely.
  • Increased web presence: An engaged social media community has its own ripple effect, improving your overall web presence. This creates a buzz around your brand.
  • Brand building: You create and improve brand recall value for your brand, helping you in your long term business goals.