Ecommerce Marketing

Q1. We are looking for marketing experts who understand e-commerce website design, development and maintenance. Our site, is on Magento/Wordpress/Drupal/Opencart platform and we are looking for a marketing partner.

Q2. We are looking for full service technical and marketing support team and would like to partner with someone who can maintain our site (UI, UX enhancements, site updates in terms of creatives, offers and promotions, product uploads etc) along with managing SEO, social media, digital marketing and so on. And do a great job of it all!

Q3. Do you provide ‘end to end’ support for Ecommerce marketing?

If you have a question similar to the ones mentioned above, our answer is YES.

You don’t want your company to be just another Ecom portal in the market when it comes to your industry, do you? Hence, the website, the products, the language, the visuals, emailers and any form of communication or element that’s visible to the (potential) customer – should maintain that originality.

To think, plan and deliver all of this on a consistent basis, we need a team which looks like this:

  • Project manager: To manage the team, suggesting new features, improvements, analyze reports and drive it from the business owners’ perspective
  • Graphics designer: To create all visual communication
  • Marketing executive:To deliver marketing activities, social media, emailers, additional campaigns like media buying, affiliate programs, partnerships etc
  • Analytics Ninja:To optimize your portal for conversions
  • Content writer:For blogs, product descriptions
  • Copy editorEnsuring quality checks on any form of communication that goes out
  • SEO executiveFor all SEO related activities
  • Developer/techieFor anything to do with the platform – new features, enhancements, bugs removal, coordination with hosting company etc
  • Data entry executiveFor uploading products, content, changing banners etc

The processes we follow:

We work in an Agile manner. This essentially means that apart from having long term goals, we will have shorter two-week sprints on a regular basis. Each sprint will have tasks based on the priority set in alignment with the long-term goals. This allows focused delivery with one eye on the final goal always.

Why is the Agile model effective?

  1. While most of the tasks in each sprint would be part of the long-term goals, often there would be ad hoc tasks that come up (like a Google algorithm update or a server going down) which are critical from the business perspective. The two-week sprint allows us to quickly reprioritize, accommodate new activities and adjust our execution plan without losing any time.
  2. The Agile process allows us to break down long-term goals into shorter tasks. At the same time, we are not stuck with a long-term strategy and can revise strategy/plans as soon as we see something is not working.
  3. The digital medium is completely dynamic and depends on a lot of external platforms – Search Engines (Google, Bing etc), Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc), Marketing tools (Google Analytics, Omniture, Mailchimp etc) and so on. Since all these platforms are constantly evolving, in order to keep pace with them, we need to have the flexibility to adapt quickly.

What about reviews and reporting?

We have sprint reviews every 2 weeks. At the end of the month, we share a monthly report which lists the tasks accomplished, along with their impact. The report is meant to review performance and rejig strategy, if at all needed.

The ideal fit for you would be a team that would work as a part of your team, takes “ownership” of the project and supports us in growing the business. This is what Niswey’s differentiating factor is. Your search for ownership driven marketing ends here!

Sounds good? Have more questions? Let’s speak: business [at] niswey [dot] com