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Investing in HubSpot is just the first step. The real challenge is maximizing its potential across your team. And ensuring that your HubSpot investment consistently deliver ROI. Our HubSpot CRM training programs address this by equipping new and existing team members with hands-on HubSpot experience. 



Customer Service


The Marketing Hub training empowers your team to fully leverage HubSpot's comprehensive marketing tools. This training will enhance your team's ability to engage customers effectively, automate marketing tasks, and measure the success of your campaigns.HubSpot CRM Training - Marketing

What You Can Learn:

  • Contact Management: Learn how to bring your database into HubSpot, organize and segment your contacts, and use HubSpot properties and workflows to ensure clean entry and storage of data in the portal.

  • AI-Driven Campaign Development: Master the power of HubSpot's GenAI features to construct and enhance your marketing campaigns with striking landing pages, captivating blog posts, and perfect social copy.

  • Campaign Management: Learn how to manage your marketing channels with HubSpot, track the performance of your campaign assets, and gain a comprehensive overview of their success within different campaigns.

  • Advanced Analytics: Master the art of building HubSpot reports and dashboards to uncover valuable insights into customer behavior, track sentiment, and predict churn.

  • Conversational Experiences: Develop skills to create interactive chatbots and virtual agents for enhanced customer engagement

HubSpot's Sales Hub is a comprehensive platform designed to streamline your sales process, from lead management to closing deals. Our training program will guide your team through the array of features and tools available in Sales Hub, enhancing their ability to manage leads, track deals, and close sales more efficiently. HubSpot CRM Training - Sales

What You Can Learn:

  • AI-Powered Engagement: Learn how to leverage HubSpot latest "Prospecting" feature and how sales reps can keep track of hot leads, and streamline their follow-ups. Use AI tools for drafting prospecting emails and creating compelling CTAs, streamlining your lead engagement process.

  • Sales Pipeline Management: Know how to build an effective sales pipeline within the HubSpot CRM platform. Use HubSpot customization and automation to standardize and fool-proof your sales pipeline. 

  • Sales Reporting and Performance Management: Utilize HubSpot's sales reporting software to build visual reports and track real-time pipeline updates, helping in making informed sales decisions.

  • Sales Automation Tools and Sequences: Learn to automate repetitive sales tasks, from email campaigns to lead management, enhancing your team's efficiency.

  • Scheduling and Meeting Organization: Master the scheduling software to streamline the process of setting appointments and managing meetings effectively.

HubSpot's Service Hub offers a dynamic suite of tools designed to enhance customer service operations. This training is aimed at empowering your team with the knowledge and skills needed to maximize the effectiveness of these tools, ensuring a superior customer service experience.HubSpot CRM Training - Customer service

What You Can Learn:

  • Omnichannel Engagement: Master the art of engaging with customers across various channels, including live chat, email, and social media messaging, all centralized within HubSpot’s Service Hub.

  • Efficient Customer Interaction Management: Gain expertise in using HubSpot's customizable ticketing system to organize and address customer concerns efficiently.

  • Knowledge Base Development: Understand how to create and manage an informative and user-friendly knowledge base, enabling customers to find solutions independently.

  • Customer Feedback Collection and Analysis: Learn how to gather and analyze customer feedback using NPS, CSAT, CES, and custom surveys, turning insights into actionable improvements.

  • Service Workflow Automation: Acquire knowledge on automating repetitive tasks and routing tickets effectively to optimize the efficiency of your customer service team.

  • Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics: Master the use of HubSpot's reporting and analytics tools to track key performance indicators and enhance decision-making.

Looking to push the envelope and truly customize how you leverage HubSpot? Get your developers trained on advanced HubSpot capabilities. Here's a look at what is covered in the HubSpot developer training:HubSpot CRM Training - HubSpot Developers

  • HubSpot CMS Training: Developers learn to utilize the platform's powerful content management system for creating and managing dynamic websites. This training encompasses a comprehensive understanding of local development practices, website theme creation and management, and how to leverage HubSpot's fully managed hosting services.

  • HubSpot Custom Coded Workflow Actions: Equip your developers with the skills to automate complex processes unique to your business, and seamlessly integrate various systems using HubSpot's APIs. It focuses on advanced automation techniques, continuous integration with tools like GitHub, and using HubSpot's CLI to enhance workflow management.

  • HubSpot CRM UI Extensions: The HubSpot CRM UI Extensions training is designed specifically for developers who want to expand the capabilities of the HubSpot CRM. This training covers everything from creating custom CRM objects to integrating third-party services and developing serverless functions for custom data processing. By leveraging advanced CRM features, developers gain in-depth knowledge to create tailored solutions that meet specific business needs, resulting in a more personalized and effective use of the HubSpot platform.

Why HubSpot training services?

Whether you're onboarding fresh talent, navigating the latest HubSpot updates, or reshaping business strategies, HubSpot expertise can be the catalyst for your team's success. Dive into the scenarios that signal it's time to empower your team with expert HubSpot CRM training.

New Team Members with Limited HubSpot Experience

New hires will need foundational training to understand how to use the various Hubs effectively. Our HubSpot classroom training will help them get hands-on learning and contribute to the organization's marketing, sales, or service strategies using HubSpot tools.

Existing Employees Facing New HubSpot Features or Updates

Training is essential to keep your teams up-to-date with the latest HubSpot features and updates. This ensures that they can continue to leverage the full potential of the platform, adapting to new functionalities, and spotting opportunities to improve business outcomes with HubSpot

Shift in Business Strategy or Expansion of HubSpot Usage

Shifting business strategy? Or expanding HubSpot beyond its current scope (e.g., adopting additional Hubs)? HubSpot training can ensure that you team is ready to align HubSpot’s capabilities with the new business objectives and leverage every feature to deliver results.

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Shreya Tripathi 2

Smooth onboarding experience and Top-notch post-implementation support! The Niswey team has successfully assisted us with HubSpot Onboarding providing a very smooth transition experience for seamless integration. They have gone above and beyond with their support by assisting us with the most minute details including technical know-how assistance and integration workflows, as well as helping us with all queries, training, and clarification post the initial setup. I would particularly like to thank Deepak Bisht and Sidharth Manchanda for their consistent support throughout our collaboration.

Product Manager, Shyplite
Shreya Tripathi

Abhishek, Ashnik

Excellent training and onboarding service! We had a wonderful experience with Niswey. The whole onboarding sessions were training session was amazing and elaborative. Special mention to Sidharth for explaining everything in-depth and also being very patient while answering all our queries. Overall, it was a great experience. Kudos to Niswey!

Abhishek Singh Bhadouria
Assistant Manager - Digital Marketing, Ashnik


Good support training. Sidharth was very patient in answering our queries. Although there were intermittent connection issues or scheduling changes, they were always rectified and our time slots were fulfilled Our sessions are slated to be 1.5 hrs each. However, being detail-oriented, Sidharth doesn't mind extending the sessions to clarify our questions. Props to the great work attitude!

Kai Li
Marketing Brand Manager, ShadeSpace

Anwesha Dutta

Outstanding Service. I recently engaged Niswey for their HubSpot onboarding service; my experience has been outstanding. From the initial consultation to the entire onboarding process, my experience has been seamless. Niswey has proven to be a reliable and knowledgeable partner.

Anwesha Dutta
Head of Marketing, ESR

Peeyush Modi

Niswey has been very proactive in providing all the assistance and support that we required to run our campaigns. Even post our orientation, the team has been super helpful in providing us with the timely support as and when required and went out of the way to ensure that we are able to execute our campaigns smoothly. Deepak and Rajiv have been amazing people to work with.

Peeyush Modi
Associate Director Global Marketing, Collabera Digital

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