Onboarding Services

Set up HubSpot for your business processes. And get
your team trained to work with, and manage
HubSpot independently.


The Impact

How our HubSpot onboarding services sets up your HubSpot Marketing, Sales, Service Hub or CMS for success!


hubspot onboarding services - impact


Our HubSpot Onboarding Process


Our team holds a series of 60-90 minute HubSpot onboarding calls
to help you get started with HubSpot.


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Understanding your Business

We talk to your marketing and sales teams to understand how they operate, as well as some of your current customers.


Start the Onboarding

We take your team through some core HubSpot features. And end the call with an assignment for the team.


Continue Onboarding

Next sessions pick up from sharing the assignment, answering team queries, and learning more features.

Finish Setup

Finish Setup

Your HubSpot is set up as per your business processes, and your team is hands-on with the platform.

HubSpot Partner Onboarding Essentials



We set up a set of initial templates, workflows, and reports as per your requirements. We also take your team through the process of creating these elements by themselves.

HubSpot Onboarding-3


Your team gets hands-on with setting up the remaining processes, while we provide guidance and support over a series of calls. All calls can be recorded for your future reference.

Building Integrations-2


All integrations available in the
HubSpot ecosystem are included
in the onboarding process.
Any custom integration will be
billed separately.

How You Are Involved


What we need from your teams to help make the HubSpot onboarding process smooth.

1. Sales and Marketing Team

  • Take us through your current sales and marketing process.
  • Map out the integrations you will need.
  • Get in alignment and understand the complete flow of marketing to sales.

2. IT Team

  • Help us understand your current integrations and collaborate for custom integrations.

Onboarding 2

Our Happily Ever Afters...

HubSpot trusts us. And so do our clients. Here's why you should believe in us too.

ResMed India

“We found out Niswey is one of the [HubSpot] Gold partners in India….They are playing a good role in terms of the strategic partnership. We interact on a regular basis…learning from each other. Whatever we suggest, it’s not that they accept it [right away]. They come back to us, say what’s not going to work, how we have to change it. It’s [been a] very fruitful journey till now.”

Vikas Kumar
Revenue Generation, ResMed


“…nothing has impacted the way I think about executing ABM more profoundly than my time with Niswey. Being able to assign a lengthy project, the day before I need it, and then having it done on time, is the speed I need. The ability to assign work across the spectrum of Integrated Marketing is like having an endless supply of staff on your team. With a plan, and a workflow process, a partner like Niswey will change your life.”

Daniel Engelbretson
Director, Integrated Marketing, Phononic

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