Netcore + HubSpot - Supercharge your SMS Marketing

Engage your contacts with personalized SMS, bulk SMS campaigns, and automated SMS workflows for sales, marketing, and support

The Features

Netcore is a leading SMS provider in India, helping brands leverage SMS marketing at scale. Now, with Netcore SMS for HubSpot, you will be able to leverage the SMS channel for marketing, sales, and customer service conversations, while managing the whole show from within HubSpot!

Send Marketing SMS to Contact Lists

Run SMS-based marketing campaigns via HubSpot. Create workflows to enrol chosen HubSpot contact lists and send them an SMS campaign, much like email marketing campaigns in HubSpot. You can track workflow history to get a quick overview of successful SMS deliveries.

sms hubspot integration - send marketing SMS

Send Personalized SMS Campaigns

Add the right contact tokens to your SMS templates and send personalized messages to your contacts. You can choose from the full range of default and custom properties available in your HubSpot portal, to create helpful and valuable email templates.

hubspot sms integration - Send Personalized SMS

Send Automated SMS

Engage and connect with your contacts at the right moment, based on their user activity. Choose the right enrolment trigger based on your needs, and set up a Netcore SMS action that will automatically send personalized, templated text message when the trigger criteria are met. For example: Set your enrolment criteria as form submission, and build your workflow to send a personalized thank you message via an automated SMS every time a new contact fills the form.

hubspot sms integration - Send automated SMS

Track SMS on the Timeline

Keep track of all your SMS conversations with a contact, within HubSpot. Whether it’s marketing SMS or any other automated SMS sent to a contact, you can view it on the contact timeline along with the delivery status of the message.

sms hubspot integration - track SMS
hubspot sms integration


With 20+ years in business and over 5000 brands onboarded, Netcore is
a leader in SMS marketing in India

hubspot sms integration

Easy to Setup

Installing the application on your HubSpot portal is easy and can be
done in minutes

hubspot sms integration

24/7 Support

Reach out to our team round the
week for priority support

Plans & Pricing

Enterprise Plan


  • Trigger Automated SMS

  • Send Personalised SMS

  • Workflow Automation

  • Delivery Reports

  • Active Support

  • SMS credits have to be added on Netcore portal as per actual

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