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Based on your answers, here’s the right WhatsApp integration for you!

You're Already Using HubSpot and WhatsApp, But Have You Integrated Them?

Plans & Pricing

Starter Plan


per month, per phone number

(10% off on annual plans)

  • Supports only one user/phone line

  • 1:1 messaging

  • Send text/ photos/ videos or URLs

  • Capture message history (incoming and outgoing)

  • See interactions on HubSpot Contact Timeline

  • Send upto 6,000 messages per day

  • Use Triggers in HubSpot Workflows

  • Get notifications for new messages

  • Create new contacts automatically in HubSpot

  • Upto 50 Templates

  • Upto 50 Labels

  • WhatsApp Reporting not available

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Professional Plan


per month, per phone number

(10% off on annual plans)

  • Supports only one user/phone line

  • 1:1 messaging

  • Send text/ photos/ videos or URLs

  • Capture message history (incoming and outgoing)

  • See interactions on HubSpot Contact Timeline

  • Send upto 6,000 messages per day

  • Use Triggers in HubSpot Workflows

  • Get notifications for new messages

  • Create new contacts automatically in HubSpot

  • Unlimited Templates

  • Unlimited Labels

  • WhatsApp Message Reporting

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Some of Our Clients

Health Coursal
Sillicon valley
Times Internet
The colective

Our Happily Ever Afters...

Our clients believe in us. And here’s why you should too.


The HubSpot + WhatsApp integration has streamlined our processes, allowing us to respond to HubSpot leads instantly via WhatsApp. As a result, our sales cycle has been reduced in miles. (It is January) And we have already achieved our goals for 2020! We are working on our goals for next year!

Fabricio Barrazueta
Head Of Marketing, Anahuac Mayab University

Nadya Annisa

Perfect solutions and great customer service. HubSpot+Whatsapp integration is very helpful. We can track the conversation that our agents have with a client. We also track the approaching rate of our agents with the clients, thanks to Niswey. Even we still experience the issues sometimes, the great thing is their customer service is very very great. They are very helpful and give fast responses. Great service!

Nadya Annisa
Marketing Automation Lead, KoinWorks

Gaurav Mishra

Very happy with the integration, highly recommend it. All our sales conversations happen on WhatsApp. Till it was on email, I had complete visibility of what was happening, but once the conversation moved to WhatsApp, I lost all visibility. As a sales head, that’s very important for me and the organisation. Hence I was looking for a solution, and HubSpot+WhatsApp Integration aptly solved my use case.

Gaurav Mishra
Business Head, Srijan Technologies

Kristeen Romero-1

Great value and customer service. WhatsApp is frequently used by our marketing and sales teams to communicate with prospects and clients. But we previously had no way to keep track of what conversations have happened. This integration allows us to have records of these communications that's accessible to relevant members of our team.

Kristeen Romero
Data Analyst, Oxygen

Mohammed Ashfaque U. (2)

The customer support I received from Ankush & Dhiraj was incredible. They were very patient and made sure my issue was fully resolved before the call ended. At the same time, they also helped my colleague who was facing the same problem.

Mohammed Ashfaque U.
Account Executive, Plentific

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What are the prerequisites to make this work?

1. An active WhatsApp account
2. An active HubSpot account
3. An active HubSpot+WhatsApp Account
4. HubSpot+WhatsApp Google Chrome Browser Extension

What happens when I buy/subscribe to HubSpot+WhatsApp Integration?

You will receive an email from us with the instructions and time for onboarding call.

Is there any onboarding or can I setup on my own?

We will onboard you. Ensure your systems are authorized and connected. This one-time onboarding is free of cost.

Do I need a Business Account / API from WhatsApp?

No. HubSpot+WhatsApp works with your personal or WhatsApp Business app on your phone.

What if I already have a Business API from WhatsApp?

To integrate your WhatsApp Business account, there is a one-time cost of USD 100, in addition to the monthly subscription of HubSpot+WhatsApp. You can view our HubSpot+WhatsApp API Solution in detail here.

Does the HubSpot+WhatsApp integration include the WhatsApp business number? Or is it just a HubSpot capability?

The integration does not include the WhatsApp number. If you need the WhatsApp Verified Business Account, you can sign up here


Alternatively, you can just install the WhatsApp Business App on a phone and start using it with a sim.

Do we need one or multiple WhatsApp numbers?

This will depend on your use case. One person can login/use one phone number. So if you have multiple people in your team who need to send/receive messages, then you need multiple numbers.

Can multiple users of our HubSpot account send messages through HubSpot+WhatsApp Integration or it can only be used on one system at a time?

As per WhatsApp policy, only one device can be logged in.

Can the HubSpot+WhatsApp integration automatically create new contact from a new lead, and pre-populate the mobile number into the contact profile?


Yes, provided you have enabled that. You can find the setting to enable that on the HubSpot+WhatsApp Integration Chrome extension dashboard. Any new user who messages you on the WhatsApp number (integrated with HubSpot+WhatsApp Integration and HubSpot) will then get added automatically as a new contact.


What about the cost of additional contacts on HubSpot?

For additional contacts costs, HubSpot+WhatsApp integration has a setting wherein you can enable (or disable) if you want to add the new contacts to HubSpot CRM. If the contact exists in HubSpot, then there will be no additional cost. If the contact does not exist in HubSpot, then there are 3 scenarios


  1. This is a new contact and you want them to be added in HubSpot- this will increase your contacts count and hence pricing

  2. The contact already exists without the phone number. In this case you can merge these 2 contacts – in which case the contact count will remain the same

  3. You don’t want those contacts to be added in HubSpot – in this case you won’t be affected by additional contacts 

Why is there a limit of 6,000 messages per day?

It is a WhatsApp limitation on personal WhatsApp accounts. We don’t add any restrictions.

Can I increase my daily messages limit?

You will need a WhatsApp Business API for that. Check out our HubSpot WhatsApp Automation solution.

Do we have to pay additionally for messages?


  1. In this product version – where in you are using the app on your phone, no.

  2. If you’re using a Business WhatsApp API account, there is a per message cost, which you need to pay directly to WhatsApp/Facebook. You can view the pricing and solution on our WhatsApp HubSpot Automation page.

Is it also possible to record the WhatsApp conversation on HubSpot?

Yes. Here’s a video on how you can view all WhatsApp conversations on HubSpot contact timelines.

Can I also reply to WhatsApp messages via the HubSpot mobile app?


Which kind of attachments can you send through HubSpot+WhatsApp integration?

You can send all files supported by WhatsApp. You can see the
 list of supported file formats here


Is it possible to create chatflow on WhatsApp based on a message by a customer?

You can set triggers, YES. But you cannot send an automated response, as that’s against WhatsApp policies. However if you have the WhatsApp Business API, then you can send automated replies or create chatbots too. Learn more about that on our WhatsApp HubSpot Automation page.



Here’s how you can set WhatsApp Messages as Workflow Triggers in HubSpot

What about cancellations and refunds?

There are no refunds. Unless you’ve signed a long term contract with us offline, you can cancel anytime. Billing cycle is monthly, so when you cancel, you won’t be charged going forward.

Do you provide support?

Yes, you can reach out to us here. The team works across different time zones and is available across a 13 hour window, from 0000 EST to 1300 EST, on weekdays (Mon-Fri). 


If you are purchasing more than 5 licenses, we will also provide you with a dedicated account manager

My question is not answered, how do I connect with you?

Please feel free to reach out to us at here