I am unable to send WhatsApp messages using the HubSpot+WhatsApp Integration Dashboard or from within HubSpot.

Go to the ‘Account’ tab of HubSpot+WhatsApp Integration Dashboard and check the status of your WhatsApp account.

  • If the phone is connected and there is no connection issue, the Account tab will show the most recent screenshot of your WhatsApp account.

Screenshot of your WhatsApp account

  • In case of connection issues, the Account tab will show a pop-up message indicating the same.

Message indicating connection issues

  • In case of connection issues because of the WhatsApp account being accessed via WhatsApp Web, the Account tab shows a pop-up message indicating the conflict.

Message showing conflict in connecting to WhatsApp

To correct the connection issues, please check that your phone using the synced WhatsApp number is switched on, connected to the internet, and ensure that you are not logged into Whatsapp Web on any device.

Refresh the Dashboard and check the ‘Account’ tab again to see if WhatsApp is connected.

You will be able to send messages using HubSpot+WhatsApp Integration now.