What features and benefits does the HubSpot+WhatsApp Integration Dashboard provide?

HubSpot+WhatsApp Integration provides the following features and benefits:

ActivitiesTab: This operates like WhatsApp Web and shows the users all the recent messages and allows them to compose new messages by clicking on a particular contact

Account Tab: This Tab displays purchased account details: Name, Country, HubSpot Portal, and the number of Purchased Accounts (1 account for 1 number). If you are online, this tab also shows the most recent screenshot of your Whatsapp screen. If offline, it displays a ‘Trying to Reach Phone’ pop-up message to prompt you to keep your phone switched on and connected to the internet. In case your synced WhatsApp account is logged into WhatsApp Web, a pop-up message is displayed in this tab requesting you to log out of WhatsApp Web on all devices to continue using the HubSpot+WhatsApp Integration Tool.

Settings Tab: Here, you can manage the following settings:

  • Enabling ‘Notification for incoming messages’ allows your desktop to receive notifications for incoming messages from contacts assigned to you
  • Enabling ‘Notifications for incoming messages (from Unassigned contacts)’ allows all connected users to receive desktop notifications for incoming messages from unassigned contacts
  • ‘Blacklist’ lists the numbers whose conversations are not supposed to be tracked on their respective timelines on HubSpot.

Templates Tab: You can create templates in this tab. Click on ‘Create’ and draft templates. The templates support Full Name, First Name, Last Name, and Email parameters.


For more information about HubSpot+WhatsApp Integration features and how to use them, click here or check out the quick demo.