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  3. Messages are not synced in App dashboard

WhatsApp messages are not updating on the Contact’s Timeline within HubSpot.

Follow the steps to enable WhatsApp messages to show on the Contact’s Timeline:

  • Click on the ‘Filter By’ dropdown option at the top  on the Contact’s Timeline
  • Enable the ‘HubSpot+WhatsApp Integration’ option
  • Refresh the HubSpot portal

WhatsApp messages will be updated on your Contact’s Timeline now. Ensure that you are synced and connected with the WhatsApp numbers for the messages to keep updating.

If you have logged into HubSpot+WhatsApp Integration for the first time, after the first WhatsApp and HubSpot portal authorization, it will take 2-8 hours for the messages to get synced. Once synced, you can follow the above-mentioned steps to see the WhatsApp messages on the Contact’s Timeline.