Scale Your Processes for Growth challenges it solves

Hate inefficiencies? Don’t have visibility into resource utilization or project progress? Cost overruns in your operations?

You may have the best processes, but you likely don’t have the right platform to seamlessly connect your teams, projects and tasks to success.

Enter WorkOS. For better work within teams, across teams, company wide!

Optimize multiple use cases


Project Management

Product Management


Gain complete control over your procurement process, from beginning to end. Effectively monitor every deal and vendor, effortlessly visualize budgets, and ensure compliance with ease using the robust boards and dashboards of

Employee management

Improve your hiring process and save valuable time and energy. Personalize boards and automation to monitor applicants at every step of your recruitment process. Simplify employee onboarding and exits with process checklists and workflows.

OKR Tracking

Bring together all stakeholders, teams, and tasks to align with your overarching business goals. Monitor and measure progress and activity for each key objective through visually stunning and customized dashboards.

Change Management

Currently in the midst of implementing innovative systems, processes, or software? Create your implementation roadmap, effortlessly track progress, and optimize change management with

Client project management

Provide your team and clients with full visibility into their project. Display project planning, progress, status, time and budget utilization, and more using boards. Automate updates and communication to save your team valuable time on writing Slack and email updates.

Resource optimization

Visualize the availability of your resources and optimize their allocation with Take advantage of automation to gather all assigned tasks for your resources onto a single board. Utilize dashboard views to understand resource capacity and improve your project planning and delivery.

 Event management

Manage every aspect of your upcoming event, from budgeting and logistics to marketing and planning. Delegate tasks, track progress and approvals, monitor finances, and ensure your team is completing every detail - all on's visually intuitive dashboards.

Process management

Execute any process with precision - customer onboarding, audits, compliance checks - with Map out your processes on boards, harness automation to keep your team on track, and monitor all essential metrics through a personalized dashboard.

Product Roadmap

Plan and create product roadmaps using a variety of user-friendly features on monday Dev, specifically designed for development and technical teams. Utilize customizable columns such as dependency, prioritization, impact, and other industry-standard product management parameters. Additionally, seamlessly connect your product roadmap to your sprint board to track task completion status and update achieved goals.

Sprint Planning

Experience true agility with sprint planning on boards. Gain visibility into task lists, Kanban boards, calendars, and more, empowering every team member to efficiently track their tasks. Harness the power of automation to streamline your development lifecycle and enhance collaboration. Easily monitor workloads by tracking tasks assigned to each team member, allowing you to effectively plan and allocate your resources.

Bugs tracking

Access pre-designed, user-friendly templates for tracking and resolving bugs. Connect reported bugs to the appropriate sprints and user stories, keep track of resolution times, link with other stakeholders, and more, to establish an efficient bug resolution process.

Feature Request Tracking

Utilize forms to encourage your CSM team to log any new challenges and feature requests that they receive from customers. Gather all this valuable information on boards to effectively prioritize features, create user stories, and seamlessly incorporate them into the appropriate sprints.

Our professional services is a powerful platform to intelligently scale and optimize your operations. And as one of the certified partners in India, our team is equipped to help you leverage the best of what has to offer.


How well can work for your processes and teams? How can you set up your project teams for success? Niswey gives the right actionable advice to leverage

Set up & Implementation

Ensure that is set up to optimize your unique processes. Get a certified partner to implement solutions that work exactly the way you need.


A quick way to onboard your teams to would be for us to train them on the platform. Not just the tools or its features, but how it works for their work!

Custom integrations

Do you have a crucial tool in your operations process that needs to be integrated with That too, in a specific way that’s unique to your business? Talk to us.

Migration to

Moving projects, CRM, or your development lifecycle from another platform? We have you covered. No loss of data, the right setup, the integrations you need - all set!


Quick FAQs

What are the available engagement models?

As certified partners, we offer two kinds of engagement models:

Scope-based: We start with a discovery and define the challenge and the scope of the solution. A cost estimate is shared based on the complexity and resources required to implement the solution.

Retainer-based: You get an expert team at your disposal, for consultation and/or execution work. We charge an hourly rate  based on the kind of work delivered (consultation or execution)

How does a project progress?

A typical project/engagement has the following stages:

Discovery: We sit down with your team to understand your business and the challenge you are looking to solve

Solutioning: We work on designing the solution and creating the project plan

Implementation: Our team executes the project and deploys the solution powered by


Is there a 'minimum hours of work' requirement for your retainer model?

Yes. A minimum of 10 hours of work/month is required in a retainer model.

Why choose Niswey

Automation Expertise

Automation Expertise

We have enabled hundreds of clients to automate their revenue generation and customer success processes.

Technology Prowess

Technology Prowess

Proven experience delivering
custom automation solutions
and integrations.

Business Process Thinking

Business Process Thinking

Our discovery process is designed to understand your business goals and solve for complex challenges

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