Our Vision

  • A profitable company creating big impact for businesses, as one of the top 3 partners in the ecosystems we play in, with innovative products and services. 
  • Enabling individual growth and social change, through its monetary and cultural capital.

And we are proud of the contributions we are able to make, thanks to our for-profit business.

At Niswey, our journey is defined by more than just business success. We believe in the power of giving back to society, and our association with non-profits exemplifies our commitment to creating a positive impact on the community. 

Our Non-Profit Partnerships

Manzil Welfare Society

Creatnet Education

Rahul Multidisciplinary Research Centre

Established in 1996, Manzil is a youth-led organization focused towards creating transformative learning experiences, through use of practical skills, art, and shared learning. It is reshaping the education landscape for the marginalized communities in India, one hopeful heart at a time.

Our partnership with Manzil began in 2019 when our co-founder, Abhinav Sahai, connected with Ravi Gulati, the visionary founder of Manzil. Initially, we organized a series of workshops and courses designed to empower Manzil's students with digital marketing and web development skills. This aimed to provide them with avenues to earn online, especially considering the challenging circumstances brought about by the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, which had disrupted their traditional sources of income. 

Manzil Welfare Society

But as the collaboration deepened, we were able to support Manzil with: 

  • A comprehensive online presence strategy, optimizing website content and social media marketing
  • Workshops on content writing, Canva, social media marketing and WordPress development, which aligned with their upskilling needs
  • A dedicated office space for their weekend sessions at no cost.
  • Ongoing support for Manzil's affiliated organizations, Learning by Locals and Manzil Mystics, with volunteering and content marketing.
  • Collaboration with Learning by Locals and Manzil Mystics on Niswey's cultural initiatives.
  • Support for their empowerment drive, including employing two of their ex-students.
  • Co-facilitation of Shikshapreneur, a year-long program on entrepreneurship development for budding and existing entrepreneurs in the Manzil ecosystem.

Today, our alliance with Manzil stands as our most significant non-profit project, a testament to our collective dedication to creating a positive impact.

In the spirit of shared learning and a commitment to a brighter tomorrow, Niswey is proud to stand beside Manzil and the exceptional individuals they nurture.


Creatnet Education (CE) is a network of revolutionary leaders transforming education systems and institutions since its inception in 2012. It continuously facilitates leadership programs for educators (principals, teachers and youth) and is currently working with 1500 schools under Delhi Government. 

Creatnet Education

Suma EP, CEO Niswey, is a volunteer for CE’s Youth Leadership Program (YLP) since 2019. Along with her co-facilitators, she leads a group of young leaders from different backgrounds and helps them navigate through challenges ranging from finances to indiscipline, from lack of exposure to understanding of career options. Creatnet learning frameworks are used to lead discussions on topics such as responsibility, trust, our own nature and inclinations, integrity, etc. The idea is to enable these batches of young people to have a breakthrough in their thinking and become the leaders the society needs.

Niswey also helped raise funds for the Creatnet Education programs for government schools, where several team members contributed, and Niswey matched that amount.

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Niswey has a strong association with this non-profit organization aimed towards providing free-of-cost primary education to children of marginalized communities in a village in Ghaziabad (Delhi NCR). 

RMRC students

Inspired by the life and works of Mahapandit Rahul Sankrityayan, Rahul Multidisciplinary Research Centre (RMRC) was established in 1996 by Anil Pandey, a teacher and mentor to Abhinav Sahai, co-founder Niswey. Even today, after the demise of Anil Pandey, the school is being run by several of his students.

  • Niswey donates roughly 30% of the total expenses of the school every year. 
  • We also participate in motivating their students on important days like Independence Day, Republic Day, and New Year. 
  • We help raise funds so that the school is able to provide facilities like computer systems, solar paneling, dance, and sports teachers to the students.

So far, RMRC school has enabled over 2000+ kids to be able to read and write and then enable them to get admitted by government schools as they grow up. And we are proud to be able to support them.

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Niswey Contributions

As a company, we believe in giving back in terms of time, efforts and money. In the past year, we have contributed:

volunteer time

250 Hours

to non-profit projects and voluntary initiatives from the company.

no. of volunteers

1/3rd Volunteers

who have and continue to engage with our non-profit initiatives.

monetary contribution

10% of Profits

worth of monetary contribution to social causes and relief funds annually.

Beyond Tech Initiatives at Niswey

Apart from our corporate non-profit partnerships, we also take part in other voluntary activities in and outside of Niswey. We are proud to enable our team to give back.

Beyond MarTech Sessions at Niswey

As part of our initiative to learn and contribute beyond the scope of marketing or technology, we invite speakers from diverse fields. Our sessions cover a wide array of topics, including mental health, the concept of seva, social initiatives, and discussions on democracy. Our aim is to foster a rich tapestry of ideas and insights, inviting individuals who are actively driving positive social change in society.

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Volunteer Efforts & Collaboration

Several of our team members hold a deep interest towards contributing for a social change. We decided to honor it by collaborating with various non-profit organizations, where we voluntarily dedicate our efforts and time. We have contributed to organizations like Internet Freedom Foundation (IFF), Learning by Locals, Manzil, Creatnet and RMRC. Through these partnerships, we are expanding our impact on social responsibility.

Niswey Leadership Program (NLP)

Inspired by Creatnet Education’s YLP, we initiated the NLP program for selected Niswey leaders. These sessions were conducted outside of office hours, and not mandatory. However, a burning desire to learn and work consistently on their key projects pushed the participants towards a transformative experience. Each of the 9 individuals came out a better version of themselves as part of this workshop.

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What Non-Profits Say About Us

Learning by Local, Lalit

We at Learning by Locals are fortunate to get support from the Niswey team in contributing to different aspects of the underserved community. Niswey always opens their heart and wings whenever we need support. They have helped us in our commitment towards youth and women empowerment by supporting us through sessions, as well as arranging resources for our students. The open-hearted culture of Niswey also motivates their team members to contribute to society.

Lalit Saini
Co-founder and Program Manager, Learning by Locals

Creatnet Darshan

Suma is a key member of the Creatnet leadership community that is catalysing change education- to be integrative and inclusive. Her contribution over the last four years has been in developing youth and enabling them to take leadership in service of education. In this role she has consistently led the community by giving attention and actively engaging with the purpose and being the change. Her authenticity, responsibility, listening and quiet presence have influenced other peer-leaders to bring out the best in themselves and each other.

Darshan Bhat
Co-founder, Creatnet Education