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Tough Nut to Crack

Development teams scale fast, and things work till they don’t. The way of managing projects or products development starts moving away from being people driven to process driven.

Most software development company operation heads will agree that this is a painful transformation, whether they follow Agile or not. One has to get many things right simultaneously: people, processes and process adoption, tools and their adoption, while ensuring communication with all stakeholders stays current.

Here are some common challenges that product and development teams often face.

Project Delays

  • Full, real-time view of project is not easy
  • Not enough control on task completion
  • Tracking change requests and scope creep

Resource Utilization

  • Lack of visibility into resource hours consumption
  • Balancing workload
  • Burnout

Communication Issues

  • Communication happens on many channels
  • Up-to-date communication is hard
  • Internal and external stakeholders


  • Work happens at many places, so aggregation is tough
  • Updates have to be manually tracked

Repetitive tasks

  • Update all about changes
  • Letting people know about task handover
  • Don’t get done or seen

Working in silos

  • Different teams use different tools
  • Lack of integrations between tools

Enter monday dev

monday dev equips product and development teams with the tools to seamlessly manage all development processes in one easy-to-use platform. Development teams have everything they need to launch new products in one place. They can collaborate on product roadmaps, sprints, release plans, customer feedback, backlogs, and more.

Get everything your team needs, in one place

  • Workflow management in one place: Streamline an entire development workflow: roadmap, sprints, backlog, bugs tracking, retrospective elements.

  • Deadlines and Gantt tracking: View a clear timeline to plan and monitor performance against KPIs. Manage dependencies and see progress by individual, teams, or feature builds.

  • Communication and updates: Communicate on the task/project level by text, emojis, and recorded message via the monday.com mobile app.

  • Agile reporting: Use views and widgets to show real-time reports, including a velocity chart and burnup or burndown charts.

  • Code block on workdocs: Utilize workdocs to write, share, and collaborate on code, choosing the specific coding language and looping in stakeholders.


Get your processes running like clockwork

  • Automate manual work: Automate repetitive tasks and save your team time with 150+ pre-built, customizable automations to focus on work that matters.

  • Ready-made templates or no code/low code environment: Save time with templates and a complete package of views, widgets, and dashboards. Or, easily build your own using monday.com building blocks.

  • Code repository integrations: Turning existing code repositories into a single source of truth by setting up automatic updates on task progress to align the team on the most updated status of each change.

  • Seamless integrations: Easily integrate with the tools you already use, including GitHub, Jira, Azure DevOps, Gitlab, Bitbucket, Sentry, Zendesk, Zapier, Integromat, Webhooks, and Slack.


Designed for dev teams

Know where work stands: Use real-time dashboards to make data-driven decisions, instantly know where work stands, and easily present relevant data to stakeholders

Manage your entire product roadmap in real-time: Link epics to user stories and tasks to keep everything aligned.

Customize your workflows: Leverage building blocks to create the exact workflow your team and projects require.

Enterprise-grade security: Protect your data with user and team permissions, granular audit logs, HIPAA and GDPR certification, and an uptime SLA.

Balance the team’s workload at all times: Visualize workloads across projects to see how task hours are allocated across team members. Plan for the future and adjust as you go, distributing responsibilities according to capacity and PTO requests, protecting deadlines and preventing burnout.

Easily collaborate and bridge silos: Share any board internally or externally to streamline data, ensuring that stakeholders, freelancers, and team members can easily collaborate.

Scale with business needs:Easily pivot, adapt, and grow using scalable processes fit for any team size.

Work with Niswey

monday dev

Process Understanding

Niswey works to understand your development and project management processes. And implement and
optimize them on monday dev,
to deliver quick wins
and momentum.

monday dev

Team Training

Niswey onboards your teams on
the platform, and trains them to
leverage automation, ready-to-use templates, and low-code environment to build their own blocks, and
become more efficient.

Implementation & Integration

Implementation & Integration

Niswey will implement monday.com
for your teams as well as integrate
the tools needed. If any custom integrations are needed, we
will build those for you
as well.

Our Happily Ever Afters...

Our clients believe in us. And here’s why you should too.

Shreya Tripathi 2

The Niswey team has successfully assisted us with HubSpot Onboarding as our new Sales and Marketing CRM providing a very smooth transition experience for seamless integration. The team has helped us every step of the way with the most minute details including technical know-how assistance and Integration workflows. They made the entire process a cake walk with on time and in full assistance whenever required. The team has also gone above and beyond with their support by assisting us with their technical expertise post implementation, helping with all queries, training and clarification post initial setup.

Shreya Tripathy
Project Manager, Shyplite

Peeyush Modi

Niswey has been very proactive in providing all the assistance and support that we required to run our campaigns. Even post our orientation, the team has been super helpful in providing us with the timely support as and when required and went out of the way to ensure that we are able to execute our campaigns smoothly.

Peeyush Modi
Associate Director - Global Marketing, Collabera Digital

Sudhanshu Sharda

Niswey has done an excellent job in helping us setup HubSpot the right way and then execute our plans. They designed email drip campaigns, landing pages. and connected all the pieces together so we are able to execute seamlessly. Over the 8 weeks of training, each session was very detail-oriented and they helped us not only in learning the ins and out of the tool but also made sure that we implement everything on the go. Overall, It was a great experience. Kudos to Niswey!

Sudhanshu Sharda
Digital Marketing, Brand Communication & Inbound Lead Generation Specialist, Merino Consulting Services


Niswey has improved our agency profitability. By allowing us to expand resources without making additional internal US hires (with corresponding overhead costs) AND by charging us overseas rates, we have been able to increase our profitability, which was a key goal for 2018. Through Nov profitability is up 245%!

Maureen O’Grady Condon
Principal, Precision Marketing Group, MA, USA

Anwesha Dutta

I recently engaged Niswey for their HubSpot onboarding service; my experience has been outstanding. From the initial consultation to the entire onboarding process, our onboarding experience with Niswey has been seamless and outstanding! Niswey has proven to be a reliable and knowledgeable partner.

Anwesha Dutta
Head of Marketing, ESR - APAC's largest real asset manager

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