All-in-One Telegram Marketing solution for HubSpot

Get NisWire, the HubSpot + Telegram integration tool that helps you manage full scale marketing campaigns.

The Features

With 55.2 million daily active users, Telegram is one of the top five conversation channels today. And that makes it one of the key engagement platforms for marketers. 

With NisWire in HubSpot - you can now keep track of conversations with different contacts, send automated bulk messages, and have team-wide visibility of all your conversations with your customers within the HubSpot portal.

Send 1:1 Telegram messages from HubSpot

Quickly send Telegram messages to any contact, right from their contact timeline in HubSpot. This way, anyone from your marketing team can engage in Telegram conversations without even logging into the Telegram mobile or web app.

1.1 messages (2)

Send Bulk Telegram messages from HubSpot

Create workflows to enroll chosen HubSpot contact lists and get ready to launch your marketing campaign on Telegram, much like email marketing campaigns in HubSpot. You can create text and multimedia messages within your HubSpot workflow and send them out in bulk.

bulk messages

Send Personalized Telegram messages

Add the right contact tokens to your message text and personalize your messages before you send them out to your contact list in bulk. You can choose from the full range of default and custom properties available in your HubSpot portal, to create intelligently personalized messages in no time.

personalized messages

Send Bot messages to a Telegram channel

If you are an admin of a Telegram channel, you will be able to send bot messages to the channel. You will need your Bot Key & Channel ID to be able to do the same. At present, only one Telegram channel is supported. You will not be able to create a Channel or a Bot using this integration.

send bot messages to Telegram channel-1

Track Telegram messages on the timeline

You can view sent and received messages on the contact timeline along with the delivery status of the message. This helps to ensure that any one of your team members can pick up an ongoing conversation with any contact, with the full context of what was said previously

track messages in HubSpot

View and Send Messages in Group Chats

With the new NisWire version, Telegram groups are now supported. You can view as well as send messages in Telegram group chats from within HubSpot. However these will not be tracked on HubSpot timeline.

View and Send Messages in Group Chats

Support for Multiple Phone Numbers

The new NisWire version now supports additional users per portal. This means that you can quickly add multiple phone numbers for your sales or customer support to cater to more leads simultaneously. All these conversations are recorded in the same HubSpot portal.

Multiple numbers on 1 HS portal-1

Manage Team Access

Got multiple members using NisWire on a fast-evolving team? Remove users from accessing NisWire as easily as adding new users. You can disconnect individual users, reassign admin roles, and manage your subscriptions in a few easy clicks.

Flexible disconnection options
Easy to set up

Easy to Setup

Installing the application on your HubSpot portal is easy and can be done without any technical knowledge, within minutes..


Multimedia Messages

Don't just send a text but different forms of creative content - images, videos and add different personalization elements in your messages as well


Level up your CRM

With NisWire, you can boost your CRM engagement by offering 24/7 support and also segment your audience effective and build a stronger customer base.




10 days free trial

  • 1:1 messaging

  • Send personalized bulk messages via workflows

  • Send 1:1 messages via Telegram usernames

  • Only 1 user phone number per portal

  • Message tracking on HubSpot contact timeline




10 days free trial

  • Includes all features of the Starter version. Additionally, offers:

  • View and send messages in group chats from within HubSpot.

  • Group chat messages will not be tracked on HubSpot timeline.

  • Support for multiple users per portal ($20 per additional user)

  • Admins can view agent chats, read-only, with a particular contact right within the conversation window




10 days free trial

  • Includes all features of the Starter version. Additionally, offers:

  • View and send messages in group chats from within HubSpot.

  • Group chat messages will be tracked on HubSpot timeline.

  • Support for multiple users per portal ($20 per additional user)

  • Admins can view agent chats, read-only, with a particular contact right within the conversation window


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How to install NisWire in HubSpot and connect your Telegram channel?

  • Login in to your HubSpot Portal
  • Navigate to the top right side of your HubSpot portal and click on the hut icon (Asset Marketplace)
  • In the drop-down menu you have three options. Click on App Marketplace
  • Type in the app name, NisWire 
  • Click on the NisWire app
  • On the top right corner Click on Install app
  • Click Authorize Now

Authorize now

  • Choose the HubSpot account that you would like to integrate

Choose portal-2

NisWire requires access to your HubSpot account information, contacts, and other information so you can communicate with your contacts within the HubSpot portal itself.


  • Once you are on the above screen, give the permission to proceed further by clicking on Connect App

Next up, you need to share a few credentials. 

  • Firstly, enter the country code and phone number. 

Country Code

  • As the next step - authorize further based on two-factor authentication by entering the code received in the registered phone or web through the Telegram app.


Post verification, you also have the option to set up your telegram channel and bot in HubSpot. Keep the credentials such as Channel ID and Bot key ready to activate the telegram channel. 

  • For Channel Setup: Click Yes when prompted with the below screen.

Channel and bot messages


  • It further re-directs you to the verification of channel credentials screen, enter the Channel ID and Bot key.

Channel ID and bot key

Now your channel is set up

Congratulations! NisWire is now your Telegram business messenger tool. 

How to send your first Telegram message to your customers using NisWire?

  • Click on Contacts > Contacts > 
  • Further click on any contact who is a HubSpot and also a telegram user.
  • You would be redirected to the Contact Timeline
  • On the right side of the Contact Timeline screen scroll down to the NisWire telegram CRM card. The CRM card would prompt you to send a message.

NisWire CRM card 

Start communicating with your contacts

  • In order to send a message to a contact click on the Action dropdown menu > send a personalized message.
  • In order to initiate the message for the first time after installing NisWire, you should enter the username in the pop screen.
  • Enter your username, you would be re-directed to a personalized chat pop-up. Initiate the chat accordingly.

NisWire - How to send first message

How to view Telegram messages in the Contact Timeline?

In order for your Telegram conversations to reflect in the Contact Timeline, there is a small step required. 

  • Navigate back to the Contact Timeline screen 
  • Click on Filter activity 
  • With the available options, under Integrations > check the box for NisWire app 
  • Refresh your page, and your chat timeline with the contact would be displayed immediately. 

NisWire - How to enable Notifications

Now your Telegram conversations will be displayed in the Contact Timeline.

How to send messages to your Telegram channel from HubSpot?

  • On the NisWire CRM card > click on Action dropdown menu > send message via communication channel 
  • This time, it further redirects you to a chat pop-up of the telegram channel. Initiate the conversation accordingly. 
NisWire How to send message to channel


Please note in order for the chats to reflect on your timeline, the subscriber should be a HubSpot user, if not the chat would not reflect in the timeline.

Can I send bulk messages?

Yes -  with NisWire, you can use your current or new HubSpot contact lists and send bulk messages in HubSpot itself. You can also personalize all of your messages and also automate them using the HubSpot workflow feature.

Bulk Text message NisWire


Why do you need access to my contacts?

The reason why we need the Contacts’ access is to get to know who on the HubSpot portal authorized the app. This is only to ensure that we have the information and safeguards us, if and when people move on from their jobs and organizations come back to us seeking details about how/why it was installed. With contacts, the lists are automatically maintained.

We also need access to Contacts to manage your CRM data in order to create timeline events and can manage custom activities on HubSpot CRM records. This includes creating or updating records.

Are Telegram groups supported?

Yes, Telegram groups are supported on NisWire if you are on the Standard or Professional plan.

How to uninstall NisWire from HubSpot?

  • From the HubSpot home screen, navigate to the top right side of your HubSpot portal and click on the hut icon (Asset Marketplace)
  • Under the Manage section
  • Click on Connected Apps
  • Find the NisWire App under - All apps section
  • Click on Action dropdown menu
  • Choose Uninstall
  • To authorize uninstall, you have to type 'uninstall' on the pop-up that appears

Once you uninstall the app, the app will no more reflect the timeline of your interaction with your customers in the HubSpot portal.