Viber HubSpot Integration for Omnichannel Marketing

Leverage personalized, bulk Viber messaging from within your HubSpot CRM

The Features

Launch Viber marketing campaigns from HubSpot CRM

  • Send bulk Viber messages, text and multimedia, to HubSpot contact lists
  • Personalize your messages to increase engagement, with any contact property stored in HubSpot
  • Create multi-touch campaigns with HubSpot workflows to send out a series of Viber messages
Send bulk Viber messages via HubSpot - Viber HubSpot integration

Track conversations on HubSpot CRM

  • Find all Viber messages to and from a contact, logged in the contact timeline in HubSpot
  • View message status - queued, sent, delivered - on the contact timeline
  • Get an uninterrupted view of all Viber chats with a contact on the contact timeline
Track Viber messages in HubSpot - Viber HubSpot integration

Built for you

Currently designed for Vonage, the integration can be customized for any Viber messaging partner of your choice

Easy to set up

Easy to Setup

Install the integration with a few easy steps, without any technical
knowledge, within minutes.


Multimedia Messages

Send images, videos, documents - all media formats as you would
send on Viber




10 days free trial

  • 1:1 messaging

  • Send personalized bulk messages via workflows

  • Message tracking on HubSpot contact timeline

  • Additional cost to add more users/phone numbers

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How to send your first Viber message to your customers using the integration?

  • Click on Automation > Workflow or simply Workflow
  • Start a new contact-based workflow
  • Skip the Trigger setting
  • PLick the + icon to add the next step
  • Scroll down to Connected Apps and click on the HubSpot Viber Integration action
  • Select the type of message you want to send - Text or Multi-media
  • Fill out the message fields
  • Click Save
  • Now click on Enroll > Enroll Manually
  • Choose Enroll from a List if you want to send the message to a specific list of people at once
  • Click on Choose Contacts if you wish to send the message to a single contact
  • Turn on the workflow with a button on the top right. 


How to view Viber messages in the Contact Timeline?

In order for your Telegram conversations to reflect in the Contact Timeline, there is a small step required. 

  • Navigate back to the Contact Timeline screen 
  • Click on Filter activity 
  • With the available options, under Integrations > check the box for Viber integration
  • Refresh your page, and your chat timeline with the contact would be displayed immediately. 

NisWire - How to enable Notifications

Now your Viber conversations will be displayed in the Contact Timeline.

Can I send bulk messages?

Yes -  with this integration you can use your current or new HubSpot contact lists and send bulk messages in HubSpot itself.

You can also personalize all of your messages and also automate them using the HubSpot workflow feature.



Why do you need access to my contacts?

The reason why we need the Contacts’ access is to get to know who on the HubSpot portal authorized the app. This is only to ensure that we have the information and safeguards us, if and when people move on from their jobs and organizations come back to us seeking details about how/why it was installed. With contacts, the lists are automatically maintained.

We also need access to Contacts to manage your CRM data in order to create timeline events and can manage custom activities on HubSpot CRM records. This includes creating or updating records.