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What Does It Really Mean to "Drive Innovation"?

The episode dives into navigating the crucial 'build vs. buy' decisions, the right metrics to chase, and knowing when to let go of an innovation

Building a Powerful Revenue Engine with Martech

This episode gives us a view of the martech landscape from the POV of the innovators, the ones who dream up and deliver the powerful tools and

B2B Sales: The Unchanging Fundamentals & Getting Them Right

Dive into the timeless fundamentals of B2B sales with Sanjay Motwani and Adarsh Noronha. Uncover the secrets to understanding accounts, building

Engaging Millions with Martech: Deploying Martech for Scale

What does it take to hyper-personalize the customer experience for an audience that runs into millions? Darshana highlights how technology solutions

From First Click to Lasting Loyalty: Powered by Martech

Here's what happens when you leverage martech just right. Seema shares her experience of leading one of those rare brands that successfully created

How can CXOs maximize the ROI from their martech investments

Discover how Anwesha successfully introduced martech in a B2B industry reliant on third-party partners for leads and long sales cycles. Gain

CMO Secrets for Securing Winning Budgets in 2024

Are marketing budgets really shrinking? How can CMOs select the right channels to invest in? What is trans-media storytelling? Finally, how much to

WhatsApp HubSpot Integration

You want to interact with your prospects & customers on WhatsApp. And you want the communication to be integrated and managed within your marketing

HubSpot Backup Solution: CRM Data Loss Protection for Enterprises

For enterprises currently using the HubSpot CRM, the platform serves as a central repository for valuable business data, including contacts,

8 Best Practices to Create the Perfect HubSpot Dashboard

With the HubSpot CRM platform, you have the power to access all your business data in one convenient location, offering you a comprehensive view of

How to Maximize the ROI of Your Telegram Marketing Strategy with HubSpot

According to a recent study by Statista, the number of Telegram users worldwide has grown from 200 million in 2018 to 500 million in 2021. That's a

How to Ace Your Page Load Speed with Automated Image Size Optimization

Have you ever clicked on a website only to wait for what seems like an eternity for it to load? Chances are, you didn't stick around for long. This

Niswey Wins the HubSpot Impact Award for Technical Expertise in Q4 2022

New Delhi, India – Today, Niswey announced that it has been named a winner in the Technical Expertise category in HubSpot’s Q4 2022 Impact Awards.

Niswey Earns HubSpot Platform Enablement Accreditation - the highest credential in delivering customized trainings for enterprise customers!

“Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that your company has successfully earned the HubSpot Platform Enablement Accreditation. Your

Niswey Earns HubSpot Onboarding Accreditation - the highest credential in delivering HubSpot onboarding for enterprise customers!

“Congratulations to all of us!! Niswey is now accredited for HubSpot enterprise onboarding! Big hugs and high fives”. Such was the excitement that

How to Optimize Your Sales & Customer Support with the HubSpot + WhatsApp Integration

The HubSpot + WhatsApp Integration is a powerful app designed for businesses to combine the ease and immediacy of WhatsApp with the CRM and

Niswey Hosts HUG Event on 'Moving your website to the HubSpot CMS'

New Delhi, India – 25 November 2022: Niswey, an India-based martech company, recently hosted an event on 'Moving your Website to the HubSpot CMS- the

5 Reasons to Install the Telegram HubSpot Integration - NisWire

If you have used Telegram for your business, you may already be aware of the advantages it brings in terms of bulk messaging, bigger group capacity

How to Travel While Working Remotely for 3 Months Feat. Basil James

I first met Basil, when he joined Niswey as a design intern in 2019. A design intern in our Delhi office, all the way from Ernakulam in Kerala—who

How Niswey Strives to be Among the Best Work Culture Companies in India

Clutch rates us as the number one agency in India, but we think we are not. Neither are we the best product company. Nor the best work culture

Building a Career in a Marketing Technology Company like Niswey!

80% of Indian marketers expect to raise their marketing technology (martech) spends over the next few years. But a lack of expertise to operate the

A Journey of Self Discovery Feat. Pooja Seth

I vaguely remember my first meeting with Pooja, sometime in 2019, when she had first joined us as for a digital marketing internship. She joined us

Humans of Niswey: Stories of Culture, Team and Growth!

“You are only as good as your team” - Marshall Goldsmith

Team Offsite: Building Connections that Last

In early March I wrote on LinkedIn: I am tired but immensely happy. Tired, because we have just come back from a 3-day team offsite trip to Ramnagar,

Niswey Hosts HUG Event on Advanced Lead Scoring & Workflows

New Delhi, India – 8 April 2022: Niswey, an India-based martech company, recently hosted an event on HubSpot Lead Scoring and Workflows for HubSpot

Expressing Gratitude at the Workplace: Rose, Thorn, Bud 2022

When I first came across this term at Niswey, it had me curious. Rose Thorn Bud? What does that mean?! And over the years, as I see new people join

Niswey is the first HubSpot Elite Partner in Asia!

2022 has definitely started off with a bang for us. Last month we won the HubSpot Customer First award for the APAC region. And today, we are proud

Niswey Wins the 2021 HubSpot Customer First Award for APAC

“Congratulations! You are the 2021 Customer First regional winner.”

Making Remote Work: Celebrating our 75th Monday Call!

In May 2020, we started our Monday calls. By then the pandemic had hit and the first lockdown was in place. Just like you, we didn't know how long

Niswey Hosts HUG Event on Sales & Marketing Automation with HubSpot

New Delhi, India – 16 December, 2021: Niswey hosted the final HubSpot Users Group's event of the year 2021 on 15th December. It was attended by 40+

Niswey is a Sponsor at MarTech Asia Summit 2021

#ETMarTechAsia virtual summit is being held on 17-18 November, 2021, and Niswey is a proud sponsor of the event. Niswey is excited to participate in

Set Out Of Office Messages for WhatsApp Business API in HubSpot

If you’re using the WhatsApp Automation integration for HubSpot, here’s how you can set automatic out of office messages for specific hours and days

WhatsApp Web Business Reports for HubSpot+WhatsApp Users

When you are using the HubSpot+WhatsApp integration to connect with your contacts, one of the most important things to focus on is - WhatsApp web

How to Empower Your Marketing Team with HubSpot Reporting

HubSpot has introduced new features like custom report builder, advanced website analytics, and attribution reporting in its Reporting software. So

How to Enhance WhatsApp Business Sales via HubSpot

Use WhatsApp business with HubSpot integration to enhance your internal sales processes and automate lead qualification on HubSpot.

HubSpot Stripe Integration: Update Customer Information, Create Tickets, Trigger Workflows and more

Are you using a third party payment provider like Stripe for your customer payments? And then getting all the purchase information recorded manually

Niswey is Now a HubSpot Diamond Solutions Partner!

“Niswey team, I always knew you were diamonds, now the world knows as well. Grateful to be working with you!” — Suma EP, CEO Niswey

Niswey is Now Among the Top 15 HubSpot Partners Around the World

“For our clients, we are willing to walk that extra mile and be truly invested in their growth. And that has helped us reach where we are today – one

HubSpot Paypal Integration to Map Your Deals in the HubSpot CRM

When using a third-party provider like PayPal to receive payments, you may often face the challenge of adding new or repeat customers’ data in your

Niswey Selected as a 2021 HubSpot Partner Advisory Council Member

Niswey, an inbound and account-based marketing services agency based in New Delhi, has been selected to be one of the members of the HubSpot Partner

How to Auto-create Support Tickets with HubSpot+WhatsApp

The HubSpot+WhatsApp Integration lets you automate a few processes on your HubSpot account if you are using a HubSpot Professional or above plan.

How to Automate Reminders with HubSpot+WhatsApp

The WhatsApp business with HubSpot integration lets you automate processes on your HubSpot account if you are using a HubSpot Professional or above

HubSpot Shopify Integration with Reverse update feature

HubSpot has an in-built HubSpot Shopify integration solution using which its customers can share their Shopify sales data with HubSpot. This enables

Automated WhatsApp Messages for Payment Reminders

The WhatsApp Automation for HubSpot provides you with an effective solution to send automated WhatsApp messages to your HubSpot contacts. With this

WhatsApp Business API Integration with HubSpot: Everything You Need to Know

You may have often received WhatsApp messages like the one below, when you submit a form on a website, or book a flight, or order food on an app.

Future of Marketing Technology: A Story of a Marketing Campaign in 2030

It’s that time of the year when crystal balls are made to work overtime. And I went looking for some of the cool visions emerging out of the fog.

Email Sequences and Automatic WhatsApp Message Sender

Your customers receive a lot of emails everyday. You could be sending them important information on completing a sign up process, package details

Starting with B2B Account based Marketing? What’s your Positioning?

Here’s a lead we received last week for B2B account based marketing services. It was from an IT services company with nearly 400 employees, providing

What You Can Learn from Early Stage Account-based Marketing Programs

If you are starting on account based marketing programs, Demandbase has some lessons for you in its 2020 ABM Market Research Study: What separates

Is the Martech Stacked in Your Favour?

Earlier this year, like every year since 2011, Scott Brinker of published his annual martech supergraphic. The 2020 supergraphic maps

Enhance HubSpot’s Native Calling with HubSpot Twilio Calling Integration

HubSpot customers can use the built-in HubSpot calling functionality to make calls to their contacts. This happens via the native integration of

Niswey Ranked Among Top 3 Inbound Marketing Agencies by Wimgo

New Delhi, India – 26 November, 2020: Niswey, an inbound and account based marketing firm based out of New Delhi has been ranked among top 3 inbound

Create a WhatsApp Auto Reply Bot with HubSpot Workflows

You can now create your own WhatsApp auto reply bot using the WhatsApp Automation solution by Niswey. Set WhatsApp messages received as triggers for

5 Reasons Why You Need an Inbound Marketing Audit

Let’s start with the story of two types of businesses. Say your business is of Type A: You have been using inbound marketing for years now. With one

How to Conduct an Inbound Audit of Your HubSpot Website?

Conducting an inbound audit is not a one-time work. Nor is it just for those who might have discovered their inbound marketing is failing. Infact, if

Auto Send WhatsApp Message as Reminders using HubSpot Workflows

Do your emails end up in the spam folder and you miss out on communicating important information like reminders for an upcoming event to your

When is Account Based Marketing Not the Right Approach for You?

Every few days I find myself answering questions around Account Based Marketing from senior marketers or CEOs who find us via search or agency rating

WhatsApp Auto Reply to Customers using HubSpot Workflows

With a large user base and ubiquity all around the world, WhatsApp has now become an important platform for both users and businesses alike. With

Autoresponder for WhatsApp to Enhance Customer Support by using HubSpot Workflows

The world has moved to WhatsApp and so have our buyers and customers. If you are planning to try autoresponder for WhatsApp as a way to offer support

Season 1 Wrap-Up

The best part about embarking on a journey is when you get to look back on the road you have travelled and the amazing experiences you have had

Developing a Video Marketing Strategy Using the Inbound Marketing Methodology

It’s no secret that video is a powerful force that’s been growing in usage year over year. 83% of marketers say video gives them a good ROI (up from

Taking the Plunge – Episode 12

Did you ever have the thought of joining the film industry? Or do you dream of making it big in ‘Bollywood’?

How HubSpot+WhatsApp for Healthcare Can Boost Your Sales

In early 2015, when Zika virus spread in South America, using WhatsApp for healthcare communication became the need of the hour. By the end of year,

Of Books, Reading & Libraries for All – Episode 11

Have you ever had your nose in a book, completely enamoured by the world bubbling inside the pages? Or did you always want to read but never found

Creating a Data-driven Design for Your Website – Niswatch E01

If your website looks great but isn’t getting you the desired results, you may want to consider a redesign of the look or the content on your

All About Introverts – Episode 10

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of an introvert? Ever wanted to understand why some people just prefer being quiet, and find their

Letter to a Developer

Dear friend,

Understanding Mental Health – Episode 9

One in four people globally, and one in seven Indians experience mental health disorders. When you really think about these figures, it doesn’t take

4 Best Inbound Marketing Strategies to Follow During COVID-19

If the last few months have taught us one thing, it’s that ‘change is the only constant’, and the sooner we adapt to it, the better positioned we are

How to Improve Customer Service in Logistics with HubSpot+WhatsApp

98% of logistics companies say that customer service is a critical piece of their company’s overall business strategy, as per the 2019 Logistics Tech

How to Improve Business Writing Skills: The Prewriting Process

It doesn’t matter what your role is – each role in business requires good writing skills. Whether you’re writing reports, presentations, blog posts,

Young and Driving Change – Episode 8

As the varying systems of inequality and unsustainable practices come into sharp focus all around us, have you felt the pressing need for large scale

How HubSpot+WhatsApp for Real Estate Can Aid Your Business Growth

Isn’t it interesting how your real estate prospects reply at different speeds on different channels—slow on email, but quickly on WhatsApp?

Living Sustainably – Episode 7

How many times have you thought about ‘living sustainably’? Making solid changes in your lifestyle and consumption habits to help make the world a

(Un)Following Your Passion – Episode 6

How many of us have seen ‘3 Idiots’ or ‘Gully Boy’, only to dream of the day when we too will dare to quit our traditional jobs and follow our true

Through Challenges and Beyond – Episode 5

Ever faced a challenge or an obstacle in life that seemed too big to overcome? Find it difficult to adopt the right mindset when battling the

3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a WhatsApp CRM Solution

When it comes to immediate, engaging, personalized conversations, there is nothing that beats WhatsApp. Over 2 billion people currently use WhatsApp

Adulting – Episode 4

Most of our childhood is spent dreaming about the day when we become ‘grown-ups’ and can live our lives by our own rules. But once we step into the

Niswey Hosts HUG 2020 Virtual Meetup for Delhi/NCR HubSpot Users

New Delhi, India – 27th May, 2020: Niswey hosted this year’s second and the first ever virtual HubSpot Users Group New Delhi meetup on 27th May. It

How to Choose the Right HubSpot WhatsApp Integration Solution for Your Business

Today, businesses both large and small, have started using WhatsApp to communicate with prospects and customers. A major chunk of this can be

Personal and Professional Goals – Episode 3

In our current capitalistic society, where money, markets, and businesses have come to take precedence over other aspects, it comes as no surprise

Culture of Change – Episode 2

How many times have we heard the phrase – ‘Change is the only constant’, and brushed it off as just being a cliche? One too many right?

Purpose of Life – Episode 1

After a long day of finishing up your work at the office, managing all your household chores, and coming through with your dinner plans, have you

About Vitra

Once upon a time in a world long forgotten, when people could freely step outside their homes, plan out group gatherings to celebrate and learn, and

The Niswey Podcast – Vitra: Now Streaming!

So…what’s Vitra? At Niswey, we are a bunch of old souls who live our lives a little differently than most. We have conversations that go beyond the

Enroll More Students, Faster with HubSpot WhatsApp for Universities

WhatsApp has become the primary communication tool for people across the world. And especially so for students who use it regularly to interact with

HubSpot + WhatsApp: 3 Key Ways It Can Grow Your Business

Take your sales and customers services to the next level by leveraging HubSpot and WhatsApp Integration for superfast communication.

WhatsApp Accounts and How it Affects HubSpot+WhatsApp Integration

WhatsApp recorded 2 billion users on its platform in early 2020. So you know that it is vital for businesses to effectively communicate with their

Niswey Selected as HubSpot 2020 Partner Advisory Council Member

New Delhi, India – 17th March, 2020: Niswey, an inbound and account based marketing firm based out of New Delhi, has been selected to be a member of

Niswey Becomes a HubSpot Certified Gold Partner

New Delhi, India – 3rd March, 2020: Niswey, an inbound and account based marketing firm based out of New Delhi, is now a HubSpot Certified Gold

Clutch features Niswey as One of the Best Digital Marketing Agencies in India

More than inbound marketing or account-based marketing skills, or HubSpot and other martech expertise that Niswey brings to the table, what matters

HubSpot+WhatsApp Integration: Features & Settings

You are already familiar with the HubSpot WhatsApp integration, as well as the steps to get started with it. In this blog, we will take you through

Niswey Hosts HUG February 2020 Meetup for HubSpot Users in Delhi NCR

New Delhi, India – 16th February, 2020: Niswey hosted this year’s first HubSpot Users Group New Delhi meetup at The Muse Sarovar Portico on Thursday,

3 Stats That Will Make You Reimagine Your B2B Brand Awareness Campaign

By now you’ve already heard us talk and write about the 46:54 ratio. As a quick memory jog, as per Institute of Practitioners of Advertising, this

What IT Decision-makers Want: 2020 Marketing Plan for IT Marketers

Eighty-six percent of IT decision-makers (ITDMs) say it is highly challenging for them to find quality content, says a survey report of IDG. This

Niswey Sponsors IIM Rohtak’s Infusion 2020 Annual Fest

New Delhi, India – 27 January, 2020: Niswey was a proud sponsor and supporter of Infusion 2020, the annual fest organized by IIM Rohtak from 17-19

Naree Interviews Suma EP, CEO at Niswey

New Delhi, India – 24 January, 2020: Niswey’s CEO Suma EP was recently interviewed by Naree about her lessons as an entrepreneur and personal

Account Based Marketing in HubSpot: New Features in Marketing Hub Enterprise

Back in 2016, Niswey took its first steps with Account Based Marketing when one of our key clients shifted their focus from mid-size companies to

ABM Accounts Selection: Choosing Your Best Fit Customers

You took the ABM readiness checklist, and figured out that your company is a match for account based marketing. Now what? It’s time to delve into the

INBOUND 2019: The Brian and Dharmesh Spotlight

Hello again, we are back with another exciting Inbound 2019 session recap, the much awaited keynote of the year: The Brian-Dharmesh Spotlight!

INBOUND 2019: Elizabeth Gilbert Shares A Secret!

Inbound 2019 is on! And guess what, one of its first opening keynote speakers was none other than the Best-Selling Author of EAT, PRAY, LOVE –

B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange: Sangram Vajre’s Keynote

It’s my second time in Boston attending the FlipMyFunnel conference, which is now under the banner of B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange this year. Last

IMPACTMarketHer Podcast Features Suma EP, CEO at Niswey

New Delhi, India – 13 July, 2019: Niswey’s CEO Suma EP was recently featured on IMPACT Branding & Design ‘IMPACTMarketHer’ podcast to talk about the

Niswey Hosts HUG July Meetup on HubSpot Reporting

New Delhi, India – 4 July, 2019: The second New Delhi HubSpot Users Group (HUG) meetup hosted by Niswey had marketing teams from multiple

Assessing Your ABM Readiness: Are You a Match?

How do you figure out the ABM readiness of your company on a scale of 0-10? And whether it needs to kick start account based marketing?

Street Journos Podcast Features Abhinav Sahai, COO Niswey

New Delhi, India – 3 June, 2019: The maiden episode of the Street Journos’ podcast features Abhinav Sahai, COO at Niswey, sharing his experience of

Going Down The Flipped Funnel: ABM Process at Niswey

If you are an enterprise looking to target your best-fit prospects, account based marketing (ABM) is the right choice for you. It fosters a close

Letter to a Digital Marketer

Dear friend,

Clutch Features Niswey Among Top 5 Marketing and Advertising Agencies in India

New Delhi, India – 10 May, 2019: Niswey, an inbound and account based marketing services agency based in New Delhi, has been named as one of the top

Niswey Hosts the First HubSpot Users Group in New Delhi

New Delhi, India – 28 April, 2019: New Delhi’s first ever HubSpot Users Group meetup was successfully hosted by Niswey, and marketers from across the

MarTech 2019: Key Takeaways

Niswey is at MarTech 2019 being held in San Jose, from April 3-5. Abhinav and I are here, attending sessions, visiting booths and generally chatting

My Takeaways from "A World of Three Zeros"

A few weeks ago I read a book (courtesy: Abhinav) by Prof. Muhammad Yunus, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006 for his work on the Grameen Bank.

Niswey COO Abhinav Sahai Selected As The HubSpot User Groups Leader For The Delhi/NCR Region

New Delhi, India – 7 March, 2019: Niswey, an inbound and account based marketing services agency based in New Delhi, has earned yet another feather

Niswey Selected For The HubSpot Partner Advisory Council 2019

New Delhi, India – 19 February, 2019: Niswey, an inbound and account based marketing services agency based in New Delhi, has been selected to be one

From an MBA in Finance to a Content Marketing Intern

“Kisi cheez ko shiddat se chaho to saari kaynaat apko usse milane me lag jati hai”

How Does Inbound Marketing Work

Attract, Convert, Close and Delight! These are probably the words that come into your mind when you think of how does inbound marketing work. Well

Niswey Features Among the Top 1000 B2B Firms, Globally!

What a year it has been, and boy are we ending it on a high!

Setting ABM Benchmarks: Where Does Your Company Stand?

ITSMA conducts an annual survey of B2B marketing companies to find out the progress of ABM adoption, as the hype around it continues to grow. Started

Clutch Features Niswey Among Top 1000 B2B Companies Across The World

New Delhi, India – 20 December, 2018: Niswey, an Inbound and Account Based Marketing solutions agency, has recently been named as one of the top 1000

Inbound Marketing vs Account Based Marketing: What Is Right for Your Business

As a business marketing to other businesses, what would you prefer? A thousand leads with some of them converting into your customers, or targeting

What We Learned About ICPs From the Early End of a Year-Long Retainer

As an agency leader, you should pay attention to early signs of a wrong client-agency fit. But if you’re like me, the (desperate) need for a good

Niswey at Grow with HubSpot: Singapore, 2018

Hubspot’s philosophy in the past few years has been about growth, and now they have completely shifted to growth focussed products from just

Niswey CEO Suma EP Takes A Seminar On Blockchain Technology

New Delhi, India – 20 September, 2018: Niswey’s CEO Suma EP was one of the speakers at the 3rd National Seminar on Blockchain Technology organized at

Not So Sexy Marketing: Building Creative Campaigns for Complex Products

Coming up with creative campaigns can be a tough job when you’ve got a product that’s not only complex but “boring” as well. In Hubspot’s INBOUND18

INBOUND 2018: Gabriella Pereira on How to Unleash Your Brand’s Storytelling Superpowers

Gabriella Pereira made us ask a lot of questions about how we perceive storytelling and branding. From Harry Potter to Toy Story, her session had it

INBOUND 2018: Gaetano DiNardi Explains How Anyone Can Build a High Velocity Lead Generation Machine

Gaetano DiNardi, VP marketing of Sales Hacker, thinks that anyone can hack sales.

INBOUND 2018: 7 Key Steps To Creating Contagious Content That Moves The Sales And Marketing Needle

Building trust with customers is the key to growing your business.

INBOUND 2018: Julie Rice on Branding and Community Building

Day 2 of Inbound 2018 ended with the final session by Julie Rice, Co-founder of SoulCycle and Chief Brand Officer of We Work. An inspiring lady,

INBOUND 2018: What They Don’t Teach You about Conversion Optimizations: Secrets from the Frontlines

According to Google, only 10% of A/B tests are successful! So how do we steer our best salesperson, our website, in the right direction? What do we

INBOUND 2018: How to Become an Inbound Sales Ninja by Nick Salvatoriello

When was the last time you tracked and maintained your quarterly objectives and key results? Nick Salvatoriello believes it is one of the core

INBOUND 2018: Shonda Rhimes on Negotiation, Netflix and Not Being Afraid

Day 2 at the Inbound 2018 had a packed house of twenty thousand people excitedly waiting for the Hollywood powerhouse, Shonda Rhimes! People cheered

INBOUND 2018 – The Brian & Dharmesh Keynote

It’s time for ‘the’ keynote of the year, the one that all inbound marketers look forward to. Partly because they are interested in where “inbound

INBOUND 2018: How to Think Like a Journalist and Create Better Brand Stories

The house was packed to attend the Inbound 2018 session by Melanie Deziel, Founder of StoryFuel. Just like the attendees, we too couldn’t wait for

INBOUND 2018: Fail to Succeed by Beth Comstock

Let’s face it, losing isn’t fun. Nobody likes to spend countless hours on something that involves a 50% chance of failing. But Beth Comstock feels

INBOUND 2018: Anjali Sud's take on the Importance of Video Marketing

Video is where the art of storytelling and the science of marketing collide. This years’ INBOUND event at Boston had Anjali Sud, CEO of Vimeo,

INBOUND 2018: Future of Well-Being by Deepak Chopra

INBOUND 2018 has begun and what an excellent way to start it with none other than Deepak Chopra!! An internationally acclaimed author and innovator,

INBOUND18 is On and We’re Excited!

Hello INBOUND18 peeps! Out of the HubSpot Partner Day session and boy are we excited or what!! We have had the Service hub and Conversations kicking

#FlipMyFunnel: #CustomerCenteredCentricObsessed

This year’s #FlipMyFunnel won hearts with its keynote speakers making it all about being ‘Human’. Marketo’s Chief Growth Officer, Jill Rowley did the

#FlipMyFunnel: Account Based Success Stories

What are the key steps for Account-Based Success? That’s the topic on which Craig Rosenberg, Chief Analyst, TOPO spoke at #FlipMyFunnel 2018.

#FlipMyFunnel: Multichannel ABM & Personalization at Scale with Behavioral Data

The buyer journey evolved with the advent of multiple platforms, channels, and devices. This evolution dramatically affected B2B businesses because

#FlipMyFunnel: Tweets Tell the Tale

Here’s a roundup of the tweets that are highlighting the essence of #FlipMyFunnel 2018. Why sales wins a deal

#FlipMyFunnel: SalesLoft’s Kyle Porter on Sales Engagement

#FlipMyFunnel 2018 had some terrific speakers lined up and the expectation was palpable. As soon as Kyle Porter, CEO of SalesLoft, took the stage,

#FlipMyFunnel: Terminus Team Talk About the Secret Formula for Sales

“ABM is hard.” This is what Sangram Vajre, Co-Founder of Terminus said to set the tone for FlipMyFunnel. ABM requires hard work, alignment with

#FlipMyFunnel: LogMeIn on Defining and Implementing ABM

Lindsay Becker and Lisa DeDonato, both Supervisors of Corporate Marketing, LogMeIn, one of the top 5 SaaS companies in the world, spoke about their

#FlipMyFunnel: Sangram Vajre on The Authenticity Curve

The excitement was palpable at #FlipMyFunnel’s event at Boston, Humanizing B2B. With attendees sharing photos of the venue, their badges, and their

It’s an ABM Win; for Srijan and Us!

Two years ago, in July 2016 we had picked up the book Account Based Marketing for Dummies. Our client, Srijan Technologies was making a firm shift

B2B Sales Pipeline: How to Add New Accounts

B2B sales pipelines are more about accounts than leads. Now, if you have to add new accounts to your sales pipeline, you put your Inside Sales team

Sales Enablement: Account Profiling, New Accounts and Nurturing

Your sales need to close bigger, better, juicier accounts. How do you enable them? By asking your digital marketing team to work up some magic.

Niswey Featured Among The Top 15 Digital Marketing Firms by The Manifest

New Delhi, India – 4 July, 2018: Niswey, an Inbound and Account Based Marketing solutions firm, has recently been named one of India’s top 15 digital

Clutch Features Us Among India’s Top B2B Marketing Firms in 2018

Half way through 2018 and we have some great news to share. Clutch, a B2B research, ratings, and reviews site, has featured Niswey in it’s 2018 list

Niswey Featured Among Leading B2B Companies in India

New Delhi, India – 4 July, 2018: Niswey, an Inbound and Account Based Marketing solutions firm, has recently been named one of India’s top B2B

Niswey Becomes Terminus’s First Partner Outside of North America

NEW DELHI, INDIA, 10th May, 2018: Niswey, an inbound marketing and account based marketing service company, announced its partnership with Terminus,

Agency Backstage Pass Podcast Features Abhinav Sahai

New Delhi, India – 4 February, 2018: The latest episode of Clodagh Higgins’ Agency Backstage Pass podcast features Abhinav Sahai, COO at Niswey. The

Content Strategy: Indian Health Insurance Marketing

Health insurance marketing in India has been a purely in-your-face, pushy exercise. And some feel-good ads on TV and radio. But largely it’s still

What I learnt from other agencies at INBOUND17

TL;DR: That most (>75%) are struggling, while it was not nice to hear, it was definitely comforting.

INBOUND17 : What CMOs Need to Know

If you’re part of the leading edge marketing world, then you couldn’t have missed out the excitement around INBOUND17 in the last week of September.

My Agency Growth Plan after INBOUND17

So much to do, so little time! If that’s your overwhelming feeling after INBOUND17, you’re not the only one.

Account Based Marketing Best Practices

Here we are going to discuss Account Based Marketing best practices and take a look at what you need, to run a successful account based marketing

Niswey: A Top SEO and PPC Management Agency in India, 2017

We are thrilled to be featured by Clutch in their “Top Agencies in India” report. According to the report, we are among the leading agencies offering

Niswey Featured Among Top SEO and PPC Management Companies in India, 2017

New Delhi, India – Friday, 29 September, 2017: Niswey, a digital marketing firm based in New Delhi, was recently featured by Clutch in their “Top

Managing Creativity with Ed Catmull at INBOUND17

Ed Catmull, president and co-founder of Pixar Animation Studios, and president of Walt Disney Animation Studios and Disneytoon Studios, took to the

The Wizard of Moz Fights the Invisible Monster

So INBOUND 2017 comes to an end but we cannot get out of this without talking about Rand Fishkin’s INBOUND17 spotlight session. As expected the crowd

Conversion Optimization without Surveys!

‘Survey Stink!’ Yeah, that was the partial title of Justin Trondeau’s INBOUND 17 session where he talked about conversion optimization without

How To Crush SEO In 2020 – By Tom Shapiro

Tom Shapiro, the founder of Stratabeat and author of ‘Rethink Your Marketing ’ talked about the future of SEO in his INBOUND17 session. He talked

From Startup to Scale-up: The HubSpot INBOUND17 Keynote

Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah. If you are on this page, then these two names need no introduction. The most awaited session of INBOUND17 was

Bringing Personality to Brands with Bozoma Saint John at INBOUND17

With the third day of INBOUND17 in full flight, we were excited for the agenda for the day. One session that we were particularly interested in was

Michelle Obama Inspires at Inbound 2017

INBOUND2017 delivered one of the most anticipated keynotes on Wednesday morning. Former First Lady, or as she’d like to call herself Former First

What are Account Based Marketing Tactics?

Information on Account-Based Marketing (ABM) tactics are discussed below. Check out some details related to account-based marketing strategies

Getting Our Story Straight : with Lisa Gerber

Stories are what we grew up on and today, as marketers, stories are what drive our brands. Lisa Gerber, the founder of Big Leap Creative, chose to

Adam Grant's INBOUND17 Spotlight

Adam Grant is recognized as one of the world’s top 25 most influential management thinkers and Forbes 40 under 40 in 2016. Having read his

Courageous Creativity with Piera Gelardi INBOUND17

After the first day of #INBOUND17 we were pretty excited for the first full day of the event.

What are the examples of Account-based Marketing (ABM)?

Check out the steps or Examples of Account-based marketing explained below. Get some information on how ABM strategies are being used by Account

Winning with Content Clusters: SEO Benefits and Beyond

For the longest time, SEO and content marketing have been about climbing the ladder on SERPs, besides, of course, creating value for your audience.

Being Vulnerable with Brene Brown

INBOUND 2017 kickstarted on Monday and there could have been no better keynote speaker for this day than Brene Brown. Why? Because she brings with

How Much Does Inbound Marketing Cost?

How much does inbound marketing cost? That’s a question that is often left unanswered or half answered in conversations between companies and

MozCon 2017 : Our Key Takeaways

Hello there, we are excited to announce that this year we got a chance to attend the famous MozCon event in Seattle. And there was absolutely a lot

Ideal Customer Profile - Marketing Agency

As inbound marketing agency owners, we all talk to our clients about the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), and how laser sharp the focus on the ICP

How Effective is Inbound Marketing

“B2B companies that blog only 1-2x/month generate 70% more leads than those who don’t blog.” – HubSpot Take a moment and think about how your past

Why Does Inbound Marketing Work?

If your business has an online presence, or you are thinking of marketing your services online, chances are, you’ve heard of inbound marketing and

The One with the Four Interns

February through May 2017 were very interesting times at Niswey. That’s because we were hosting four very special people, who brought with them some

So Lost in Solan

After our photoblog post on Lansdowne, here’s one on our Solan trip. The Ones Without Humans

A Design Feedback Process That Works

You’ve prepared your final design and sent it to the client for review. You expect that they’ll request a couple of tweaks here and there before they

25 Digital Marketing Tools Recommended for Your Business

From business process management to group messaging, from creating great content and design to reaching your audience on the right platform, tools

B2B Email Campaigns Optimization

Recently, we got a chance to review campaigns run by two different agencies for their clients. The objective was to take a look at the data, the

INBOUND16 Key Takeaways

When Abhinav and I left from India to attend INBOUND16 in Boston, we weren’t sure what to expect. There were a couple of things we wanted to achieve

Behind the Scenes of a Stop Motion Video

“I think we need 3 legs and maybe another set of arms.”

Clutch featured us as a Digital Marketing Leader

We’re happy, pleased, satisfied and yeah, excited to announce that we are now featured on Clutch, a B2B research, ratings, and reviews site that

Why Niswey’s First Offsite Was Magical

“At the beginning of the year, when you write down all goals you want to achieve and read that list regularly, you would’ve achieved all of them by

How to fix the ‘Vote For Trump’ bot in Google Analytics

So recently, I was going through our Google Analytics Account to analyze the traffic for the month of November. I found that we are getting unusual

INBOUND16 Alec Baldwin Keynote

Alas the final day of INBOUND16 arrived and fittingly, the best had been saved for last. It was time for the keynote by Alec “freakin” Baldwin.

Being Not Shitty on the Internet by Tim Urban

Tim Urban, the co-founder of the famous blog Wait But Why talked about being not shitty on the internet at INBOUND16. And by the time he finished his

INBOUND16 Making a Murderer Spotlight

The Netflix hit TV series “Making a Murderer” took the public by storm when it was first released in 2015. In light of their recent success, award

How to Keep Up with Google SEO in 2017: Rand Fishkin at INBOUND16

As Knowizards, we appreciate all kind of wizardry, whether from a fantastical Harry Potter or a real-life wizard. After three crazily awesome days at

INBOUND16 on Instagram

Continuing our trend, here we are again, with the coverage of INBOUND16 on Instagram. Here are some of the images we feel capture the essence of this

Positioning for Growth with Karla Morales-Lee

On the final day of INBOUND16, Karla Morales-Lee from Hunter & Farmer Ltd took the stage to talk about a market positioning strategy that helps

Iliyana Stareva on Why Inbound PR is the Future of PR

If you think the first and the second days of INBOUND16 were mind-blowing, then the third day was mind-(wait for it)-boggling. Not only was there a

Of Keynotes and INBOUND16 Quotes

INBOUND16 has come to a close. It’s been an intense four-day affair where we all learned a lot. Everyone is itching to rush back and get to work with

Spotlight Session with Angela Duckworth

Day 3 of INBOUND16 featured several well-known and talented speakers, but the highlight for a lot of people was author and psychologist Angela

The Future of Marketing with Dharmesh and Brian

If you were to describe Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah’s keynote at INBOUND16 in one word, what would that be? For us, the word was ‘futuristic’.

How to Expand Your Firm by Narrowing Your Focus

If there was one session which all agencies and business owners were eagerly looking forward to, it was Tim Williams’ session at INBOUND 2016. Tim

The Science of Productivity by Charles Duhigg

When the Pulitzer prize-winning reporter and New York Times best-selling author took the stage at INBOUND16, the audience was in for a real treat. As

David Berkowitz on Marketing for the Marketers

Marketing for marketers. Quite a tricky role, that one. Especially for lean agencies, where small teams work with several different clients. They

Improving Your Content Marketing ROI

Day 3 of INBOUND16 saw Carrie Kerpen, CEO, Likeable Media take the stage for a breakout session on improving your content marketing ROI. With all the

Closing the Skills Gap: How to Cultivate Your Inbound Marketing & Sales Workforce

One of the biggest challenges that has hindered the digital transformation of companies is the lack of digital skills among their employees. Nate

Anna Kendrick and Social Media at INBOUND16

The gorgeous and amazingly talented Anna Kendrick took to the INBOUND16 stage to discuss how social media has had an impact on her life. Anna has

Serena Williams' INBOUND16 Spotlight

After waiting for almost 25 minutes in anticipation, when the Serena Williams‘ INBOUND16 Spotlight finally started, people could hardly contain their

The Key Ingredient to Agency Pricing & Packaging

Pricing and packaging services is a massive challenge for almost every marketing agency. Daryn Smith, co-founder of MPULL, an inbound marketing

Bust Through LinkedIn Myths and Generate Leads

Viveka Von Rosen is rightly called @LinkedInExpert . In her INBOUND16 session, she busted some common LinkedIn myths and provided some great tips on

Managing Millennials by Drew McLellan and Susan Baier

Drew McLellan of Top Dog, MMG/Agency Management Institute, and Susan Baier, Owner of Audience Audit, took the stage in the morning to share the

Conversion Rate Optimization: How to Get It Right

On Day 2 of INBOUND16, Gabriel Wahhab led an interesting session on demystifying conversion rate optimization (CRO), in the context of inbound

Essential Elements of an Ad Agency's Business Plan

Day 2 of INBOUND16 and this was the first session of the day. Jody Sutter covered 8 Essential Elements of an Ad Agency’s New Business Plan

Build Your Brand Authority Using Video

Trust me when I say this session, Build Your Brand Authority Using Video, by Amy Schmittauer had the maximum number of anticipatory tweets by far for

Persona Marketing: Niche is Nice! – Kevin Dean at INBOUND16

WOW! Donald Trump really did hit the bull’s eye. Quite an amazing strategy on his part. Just target the right people. Go for persona marketing,

The INBOUND16 Keynote with Dharmesh and Brian

This was the 10-year anniversary of HubSpot and the inbound movement. So of course, the INBOUND16 keynote by founders Dharmesh Shah and Brian

Multi-Channel Lead Nurturing: A Session by Sahil Jain

Talking about marrying marketing automation with social advertising, Ad Stage’s CEO Sahi Jain presented arguably one of the most insightful and

Gary Vaynerchuk's INBOUND16 Keynote

The keynote by Gary Vaynerchuk, entrepreneur and venture capitalist, will go down in INBOUND history as the most profane one ever, but, hell, no one

Marketing Management: Get the Best Out of Your Marketing Team

Business leaders are busy people. They have a lot on their plate at any given time. If they have hired an agency to handle digital marketing or

Facebook Pixel: Conversion Tracking on Multiple Websites

If you are a newbie to Facebook advertising it’s likely that you are facing trouble when it comes to conversion tracking. Conversion tracking using

Digital Marketing Company Niswey’s Flat Organization Structure Makes It To BBC Capital

New Delhi, India – 24 October, 2016: Niswey, a digital marketing firm that moved to a flat organization structure in early 2014, was recently covered

5 AdWords Tips To Beat The Competition

Google AdWords is one of the best platforms to advertise your product. But when the competition is huge, you can’t expect ROI from your ads which are

Niswey’s Digital Audit Stories #2: A 100-year-old Offline Business Figures Out Its Online Roadmap

This is the second of our series of stories revealed by Niswey digital audits, featuring a European conglomerate with over 650 companies.

Email Optimization: Deliverability and Testing

“Oh, man! I have created such an excellent email copy. This story is definitely going to sell.” But, wait! Have you worked on optimizing your email?

Niswey: A Silver Certified SharpSpring Agency

We are thrilled to announce that Niswey is now a Silver-Certified SharpSpring Agency! No doubt we are happy to have earned the badge of a certified

BBC Capital Features Niswey’s Flat Organizational Structure

Earlier this month, Niswey was featured on BBC Capital on a feature story about flat organizations. We have a flat organizational structure, and

Niswey’s Digital Audit Stories #1: An Online Product Idea Doesn’t Go Far Without Online Marketing

The best place to start with digital marketing is, of course, the digital audit. Audits help you discover the path you have walked, the mistakes you

Is Goal-Setting Really Important?

Before we start, I have a question for you. Do you think we have to save planet Earth? I just finished reading Sir Ken Robinson’s book called

A Typical Niswey-Client Meeting

Venue: The clients’ conference room. Attendees: Client team: CEO, Tech Architect, UX Lead, Sales Manager. Niswey: Strategy lead, Content Strategist

A High Five for Niswey’s Five Years!

“It’s been 5 years, where’s your blog post?,” asked Rajat. If you know Rajat, he won’t take No for an answer and lo, here’s my post on my five years

Email Marketing: Why and How to Get it Right?

There are two types of people: those, who believe in the power of Email Marketing. And those who don’t. This post is for both the types, outlining

My First 65 Days at Niswey

A Journey That’s Just Begun In life, the climax really doesn’t count. What actually matters is the journey that leads to that climax. Three years

Making Magic at Memphis

My 365 Days with Knowizards

ABM Success: Aligning Sales and Marketing Teams

Account based marketing (ABM) is now accessible to mid-size B2B companies. That is indeed great news, as it gives these companies the right tools to

A Year After the Mundane

“Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” Yeah, the quote doesn’t make any sense, unless you’ve read the works of L. Frank Baum. And even

Project Management Made Easy with Asana

All of us at Niswey work with multiple customers at any given point, and almost all of us here possess multiple skills. And when an individual is

B2B Marketing Strategies: Time for Account Based Marketing?

It is finally here. A way of working that brings down the walls between sales and marketing in B2B companies. That makes them work with each other

En Route to Slam Poetry via Goal Session Lessons

We conduct goals session at Niswey, at which everyone makes professional and personal resolutions. Making resolutions is not a new concept. After

Cultural Fit with Niswey: Part III

“Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment.” ― Lao Tzu

The 5 Best Marketing Automation Blogs for Beginners

If your job has anything to do with marketing and you haven’t been living under a rock for the past few years, you must have heard of marketing

An Internship to Remember

12 Famous Quotes for Your First 12 Months at Niswey

“In quoting others, we cite ourselves.” ― Julio Cortázar

Nail Your Digital Marketing Audit with PInKBeXA

You are convinced that content marketing is the ‘fairy dust’ that can revive your brand. It’s the one thing that can make your brand into a smart,

Letter to an Inbound Marketer

Dear friend,

Top 8 Chrome Extensions for Designers

When it comes to designing websites, Chrome extensions can make your life a little easier. From selecting which font to use for a website to

Inbound Marketing Strategies from Kung Fu Panda 3

Around here you will find a blog on lessons from the two earlier Kung Fu Panda movies. And now that we have seen the third, there are some more

Niswey COO Abhinav Sahai At JIMS Delhi On His Journey As An Entrepreneur

New Delhi, India – 18 March, 2016: Niswey’s COO Abhinav Sahai recently attended the 11th National Seminar on “Powering the Indian Economic Success

How Far Can 365 Days of Your Life Take You?

“Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.” — Amy Poehler

How About a Podcast?

Content marketing has always been a lot more than just blogs. Yet, a lot of companies do brilliant blogs but do not seem to explore different

The Joys of Community Building

Did we tell you that we were marketing partners for the DrupalCon Asia 2016? Of course we did!

Design Checklist for a Pixel Perfect Website

An idea is only the beginning. While starting a new project, there is a certain excitement. A need and a want to innovate, to bring something new to

Niswey CEO Suma EP At DrupalCon Asia 2016

New Delhi, India – 18 February, 2016: Niswey’s CEO Suma EP was at the DrupalCon Asia 2016, where she gave a talk on “The Inbound Journey for a CEO”.

Why (and How) You Should Wish Your Online Audience

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” — Oprah Winfrey

When you get a heartache…

Sometimes we get heartaches because of clients who we think are being unreasonable to us. The team working for the client works patiently,

What We Learnt in 2015

The growth of any organization is dependent on its value system. If the organization fails to adhere to its own values, the chances of its growth

Niswey COO Abhinav Sahai At IIT Kharagpur Talks About Entrepreneurship

New Delhi, India – 30 January, 2016: Niswey’s COO Abhinav Sahai recently attended the Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive at IIT Kharagpur. He was

Adventures of an Introvert

In a galaxy far far away…..lived an introvert. She would take ages to open up to new friends and never ever talk to strangers. I mean c’mon, why

Social Media Campaign from a Christmas Carol?

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house. Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse; well, not really, it was around the

Eureka! I have an idea!

“We are the marketing partner for DrupalCon Asia,” said Suma while breaking into a jig. She usually does that at every piece of good news, and it

The Niswey Culture Code

Whenever someone said “company culture”, it conjured images of suits and ties and tight formal smiles. But in an economy alive with start-ups, run by

How Niswey Became the Digital Marketing Partner of DrupalCon Asia

In 2011, Niswey’s client Srijan led the efforts to conduct the first ever DrupalCamp in Delhi. The event had Dries Buytaert, the founder of Drupal,

Link Building: The Harry Potter Way

In our business, the word “link building” generates a mixed response. People have different definitions for it and there is much debate about why and

Be Like Niswey! A Glimpse Into the Company Culture

“To be like an individual, you imbibe their traits. To be like a company, you absorb its values.”

Chess, Wazir and Content Marketing Lessons

Chess Is Not Always About Winning. Sometimes It’s Simply About Learning. As a child, chess was the most fascinating game for me. Despite being a slow

Our First Goals Session in 2016

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible” -Tony Robbins

Team Niswey Syncs on New Year

Let’s just say

Data Driven Web Design for Beginners

Have you ever had a client walk into your office wanting his website redone? The client has no clue where his website is going wrong. It’s designed

Top 10 Posts on Niswey Blog: 2015

2015 was an amazing year for us at Niswey. There were many new ways of blog writing that we discovered and new fields through which we decided to

Role of Leaders in a Flat Organization

Sometime back Buffer wrote on their blog what they got wrong about self management. In the blog they had explained how they implemented a flat

4 Elements of a Blockbuster Brand Story

A Brand Story is a narrative of your brand that goes beyond mere products, specifications and usage. Your brand story is what you mean to your

12 Resources for Social Media Marketing Enthusiasts

A couple of decades ago, Marketing was synonymous with Advertising. Today, Digital Marketing is synonymous with Social Media Marketing, for most of

11 Digital Marketing Buzzwords You Should Know

“You learn something everyday if you pay attention.” ― Ray LeBlond

9 Twitter Handles Every Digital Marketer Should Follow

Whether you’re a beginner in the digital marketing world or not, you would always want to broaden your perspective and get inspired everyday by the

Key Milestones of 2015: The Big 5

On the surface, things don’t seem to have changed a lot at Niswey. We are still the same size team inhouse. We are still in the same office. We still

Niswey COO Abhinav Sahai At IT Conclave, 2015 On His Journey As An Entrepreneur

New Delhi, India – 15 December, 2015: Niswey’s COO Abhinav Sahai recently attended the IT Conclave, 2015 on “Recent Trends in Information

Abhinav Sahai At IndiaPost Live On How Twitter Has Gone Global

New Delhi, India – 30 September, 2014: Niswey’s COO Abhinav Sahai at IndiaPost Live, where he was invited for an interactive session on how Twitter

Abhinav Sahai Featured in Careers360

New Delhi, India – 14 July, 2014: Niswey’s COO, Abhinav Sahai, was featured as one of the industry experts in Careers360’s feature on Social Media

Niswey COO Abhinav Sahai Featured in Indipreneur

New Delhi, India – 13 March, 2014: Niswey’s COO Abhinav Sahai was featured on Indipreneur, where he was recently interviewed for his journey as an

The Week Features Abhinav Sahai, COO At Niswey

New Delhi, India – 25 October, 2013: Niswey’s COO Abhinav Sahai was featured on The Week Magazine regarding his views on entrepreneurship, and the

Social Samosa Features Niswey, a Digital Marketing Agency

New Delhi, India – 23 September, 2013: Niswey recently got covered in Social Samosa’s ‘Agency Feature’ segment. In a very in-depth, interview style

Abhinav Sahai on Telegraph India Shares Views on Social Media

New Delhi, India – 20 September, 2013: Niswey’s COO, Abhinav Sahai on Telegraph India was featured early in 2010 regarding his views on how social
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