9 Twitter Handles Every Digital Marketer Should Follow

December 22, 2015
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December 22, 2015 Rajat Taneja

Whether you’re a beginner in the digital marketing world or not, you would always want to broaden your perspective and get inspired everyday by the best people in the fields of Content Marketing, Design, SEO, Social Media Marketing and Web Analytics.
Here are 9 Twitter Handles for Digital Marketers to follow:

1. Ann Handley (Content Marketing)


Follow AnnHandley on Twitter for Content Marketing -- Niswey

2. Avinash Kaushik (Web Analytics)


Follow Avinash on Twitter for Web Analytics -- Niswey

3. Creative Bloq (Design)


Follow CreativeBloq on Twitter for Web Design -- Niswey

4. Michael Margolis (Business Storytelling)


Follow GetStoried on Twitter for Content Marketing -- Niswey

5. Inbound Dot Org (Inbound Marketing)


Follow InboundOrg on Twitter for Inbound Marketing -- Niswey

6. Jay Baer (Content Marketing)


Follow JayBaer on Twitter for Content Marketing -- Niswey

7. Neil Patel (SEO and Content Marketing)


Follow NeilPatel on Twitter for SEO and Content Marketing -- Niswey

8. Rand Fishkin (SEO)


Follow RandFish on Twitter for SEO -- Niswey

9. Rebekah Radice (Social Media Marketing)


Follow RebekahRadice on Twitter for Social Media Marketing -- Niswey
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