Composing Your World by Kai Kight at INBOUND15

September 10, 2015 by Akhil Saxena

Who said music is just for entertainment. When Kai Kight, Violinist, Composer and Speaker started his session with a violin performance, the audience was  left spellbound and the session left them inspired and learning some great lessons.

Believe in Yourself

Never let people tell you what you cannot do. They will ignore you, ridicule you, bog you down but you have to just believe in yourself and keep moving forward. Kai gave his own example that how he was ridiculed in his childhood for playing violin.

Be True to Yourself

You don’t have to try too hard when you have to make a point. All you have to do is just be true to yourself.

Be Authentic

Kai also had some insights for organizations. He asked them to give customers something authentic, and never duck the important questions. Only then you can be a leader people would look forward to.

Hope you found that as inspiring as we did.

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