HubSpot Backup Solution: CRM Data Loss Protection for Enterprises

June 27, 2023 by Dhiraj Pandey


For enterprises currently using the HubSpot CRM, the platform serves as a central repository for valuable business data, including contacts, companies, deals, and interactions. This is information collected over years, by multiple teams, that drives marketing, sales, conversions, and revenue. Given the criticality of this data, it becomes imperative that there are systems in place to secure this data. 

While the HubSpot platform is designed with industry-standard digital security best practices, enterprises need to have effective internal contingency plans to safeguard their critical information. This is where a specialized HubSpot backup solution comes in, ensuring robust data protection, seamless disaster recovery, and compliance with data regulations.

HubSpot data backup app by Niswey

What is it?

As the name suggests, the HubSpot data backup app takes a backup of your CRM data at regular intervals and stores it on a secured server. In case of any data loss or security incident in HubSpot, you can:

  • Restore all HubSpot data in the CRM, from the last backup taken
  • Or download all HubSpot data as collected in the last backup

Here's a look at which HubSpot objects the app can backup:

The backup app currently includes

Expand the backup app to include

  • Contacts
  • Companies
  • Delas

  • Tickets
  • Products
  • Quotes
  • Custom objects
  • Workflows
  • Engagements - calls, meetings, notes


How does it work?

The HubSpot data backup app can be set up with a few simple steps:

  • Authorize your HubSpot portal to connect with the backup app
  • Select a backup frequency - daily, weekly, or monthly

App features

Once set up, the app will:

  • Take a backup of current data in HubSpot, at your chosen frequency
  • Save it on a secured Niswey server
  • Alternatively, enterprises can also set up their own AWS S3 servers to store the backup
  • Send a notification email, sharing the date, size, and a downloadable .CSV file of the latest backup
  • Enterprise teams get an application dashboard to check all backups, download files, and/or restore your HubSpot CRM to a particular backup
  • Enterprises can also request an on-demand backup, outside of their chosen frequency, for a small fee 

When it comes to restoring your HubSpot data, the backup application:

  • Restores all objects, as they existed on the date of the backup
  • All object properties will be updated to as they existed on the date of the backup
  • Any objects, for example a few contacts, deleted after the backup was taken, will be recreated in HubSpot once you restore the backup
  • Any objects, for example a few deals, added in HubSpot after the backup was taken, will remain unaffected once you restore the backup

Benefits of regular HubSpot backup

Factors such as human error, system failures, cyber threats, or malicious activities can lead to data loss or corruption. And while not common, incidents like these have occurred with the HubSpot platform.


 The repercussions of data loss on your HubSpot platform can be far-reaching, including revenue loss, compromised customer relationships, and potential legal implications. Hence enterprises that regularly backup HubSpot data can ensure:

  • Data recovery: In the face of unexpected disasters or system failures, the backup app plays a crucial role in enabling enterprises to swiftly restore their data:

    • In case of human error or malicious activity leading to a large-scale data loss, you can restore your HubSpot CRM data to the last backup state

    • In case of a sudden platform malfunction, or system error that locks you out, you have access to all your HubSpot CRM data up until the last backup in the form of a complete downloadable .CSV file

  • Operational continuity: Having a HubSspot data backup ensures that there is minimal downtime and teams can quickly regain access to CRM data to avoid disruptions, maintain customer satisfaction, and continue driving business growth.

  • Data compliance: With the increasing number of data protection regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), enterprises need to ensure compliance to avoid severe penalties and reputational damage. A dedicated backup app designed for HubSpot CRM can provide the necessary tools and features to help enterprises meet these regulatory requirements effectively.

All said and done, this is an easy-to-use solution for HubSpot backup and restore, which you can set up once and rest assured that your HubSpot CRM data is safeguarded against accidental and/or intentional data loss. 

Interested in connecting the HubSpot data backup app with your portal? Got more queries about it? Book a consultation with our solution expert, and let’s start a discussion.