The INBOUND 2015 Keynote by Dharmesh and Brian

September 10, 2015 by Nilanjana Dey

Who would have thought that Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan would have to fight the “annoying advertiser: Bullhorn”, the “Spambot” and the “Sales Shark” to come deliver the INBOUND 2015 keynote. In case you are scratching your heads in confusion, all will be clear when you watch their keynote. Let me not spoil the fun.

The keynote by the HubSpot founders generated a lot of excitement in the participants!

But the question is, why? After all it’s just a marketing conference in Boston, isn’t it?

I guess the best answer is what Dharmesh Shah says:
And that philosophy is INBOUND.

He talked about empathizing with the people you are selling to and gave us this glorious commandment:

There were a host of new and extremely useful inbound marketing tools that were launched.

Next up, it was Brian Halligan taking the stage to talk about transforming your sales strategies. Just to illustrate how much it needs to change, he gave a great example:

Now without yapping any further, I will let you watch this amazing INBOUND 2015 keynote in peace: