Peg Fitzpatrick’s DIY Design Hacks at INBOUND 15

September 10, 2015 by Daizy Jain

Peg Fitzpatrick, the queen of Digital Marketing for Kreussler, spoke at Inbound 15 about Visual Marketing and why you should use it to leave your competition in the dust. She gave hacks that you could use to improve your own Digital Marketing. We were lucky enough to catch her live through Periscope. At times like these, we gotta love technology!


She answered some very important questions, which will definitely help you improve your visual design.

  • Why visual marketing?
  • Why do people share on social media?
  • How to create your visual style guide
  • How to use visuals with your blog
  • Tips for tools

Why use Visual Marketing?

Peg Fitzpatrick dove straight to the crucial question as to why even use Visual Marketing?

She managed to sum it rather nicely. It’s to connect with your audience and get noticed.

Why use visual marketing? Because it’s how you connect and get noticed online! via @pegfitzpatrick #INBOUND15 — Rebekah Radice (@RebekahRadice) September 9, 2015


Why do people share on social media?

Peg stated that most people share content on social media because they believe it’ll be helpful.

How to create your visual style guide

Neat little tricks to keep your designs in line. Make sure they’re simple and your message if clear.


How to use visuals with your blog

Make sure your images add value to your content and don’t take anything away from it.

Use the same filters for your brand to keep consistency. @PegFitzpatrick #INBOUND15 — Tiffany Smith (@tiffanyiswrite) September 9, 2015

Tips for Tools

Peg Fitzpatrick shared some of her favorite tools to boost visual marketing.

and a little bonus for the social media fanatics.

Helpful! Sizes for social media graphics @PegFitzpatrick #INBOUND15 — Key Lime Interactive (@KeyLimeInteract) September 9, 2015

This was a great session for any designer, blogger or anyone who is interested in digital marketing. Visual marketing can give your content a major boost if used correctly. We hope this session was just as inspiring for you as it was for us. Catch the rest of the Inbound action at