PR Analytics & Measurement by Christine Perkett at INBOUND15

September 10, 2015 by Priyanka Tuteja

What better way to set the tone for the session on PR Analytics & Measurement than by gathering audience data with a show of hands!

Christine’s session was a hit to begin with.

Here’s a quick round-up of Christine’s session for those who missed the show.

The Real Challenge in PR Measurement

Speaking from her 20 years of experience, Christine shared that the biggest challenge for PR industry is capturing and measuring human interactions to evaluate the value of PR. Especially in today’s time, where social media is big!

PR: Then vs Now Christine explained how ‘value’ is now the focal point for PR strategies, and how the industry mindset has shifted from measuring quantity engagement to quality engagement.

And DeAnna and Erin were in tune with it.

 How Data Has Changed PR Measurement

From client clip books to PR reports with numbers and analysis – data has played a big role in shaping the PR landscape. Data provides insights on why a campaign or a strategy is or isn’t working.

  Agencies can now back their PR strategies with data and prove their effectiveness.

 The Barcelona Principles

Measuring a PR campaign? Don’t forget to keep these ground rules in mind.

Measurement + Analysis Christine said: “Measurement without analysis is a useless effort”, and rightly so.  And elaborated on how human analysis is fundamental to draw the correlation between all key values and data and get meaningful results.

Effective Measurement Path She summed up by reiterating how critical it is to measure PR effectiveness and analyse it, and how you can use benchmarks and tools to keep it manageable.

Thanks to @Piktochart, you can now watch the full session video on Periscope.

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