INBOUND 2018: Shonda Rhimes on Negotiation, Netflix and Not Being Afraid

September 6, 2018 by Simran Sakshi

Day 2 at the Inbound 2018 had a packed house of twenty thousand people excitedly waiting for the Hollywood powerhouse, Shonda Rhimes!
People cheered as she stepped up the stage ready to be interviewed by Joanna Coles.

Sharing her stories of joining Netflix, she talked about the art of negotiation. One should never compromise on their worth. Enter a negotiation only if you are willing to walk away if they go under your bottom line. If not, you have already lost your worth.

When asked about why she moved to Netflix, she revealed that creating content for Netflix presented a challenge and full creative freedom. She had the freedom to tell the story she wanted to tell and in the way she desired to!

And this is what separates Netflix from most of the networks. They give their authors total creative freedom.
Moving further, she talked about how this is her year of saying YES to things! And how she has come a long way… From being an introvert to talking to a session of 20,000 people! From being terrified to having fun while speaking! She talks about Not Being Afraid.
Doing something you are afraid of undoes that fear. Saying Yes makes you realize that the fear was only in your head and once you start, you will find it was not that bad. You might end up having fun!

However, say Yes to things you are passionate about. Because, both passion and vision are important to obtain success.
With so many useful insights on content, success and empowerment, Shonda Rhime won the hearts of millions inside and outside the hall.
Our key takeaways:
A. Learn To Say Yes
B. Know Your Worth And Negotiate
C. Do Things You Are Afraid Of Doing

“What’s the point of being a woman in power if you don’t empower other woman?” Shonda Rhime, you had us empowered and how! Take a bow, Lady!
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