The Best Takeaways from INBOUND 2014

So after the awesome tips on marketing that we learned from INBOUND 2013, its time to see what INBOUND 2014 had to offer. If the quotes from last year are anything to go by, it was all about the people who drive your business. Let’s have a look at the 10 best quotes from INBOUND 2014:

“Successful people have passion and a curiosity to learn” – Martha Stewart, Founder, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia

Now we all know that we need passion to succeed. But what is equally important is the willingness to learn- about the people we work with, from our mistakes, from other people’s mistakes and to adapt with changing times.

“When you look at successful attempts at transformation you will see an act of re-framing the problem that makes the revolution possible” – Malcolm Gladwell, Author & Speaker

We have all faced problems that seemed to difficult to solve. If we look back at how we finally got past them, we will notice that it happened when we looked for solutions from different angles. You take a problem head-on, you collide. You look around it, look at it from several perspectives, you find a way.

“Products are no longer sold, they are actually bought.” – Stacey Bishop, Partner, Scale Venture Partners

The way we buy and sell has drastically changed. The consumer has more power and and buys exactly what he wants, how he wants. There is very little the seller can do about it. In fact, trying to sell your products the conventional way annoys today’s consumer. So all you can do is give them all the information and urge them to make an informed choice. Which brings us to this next quote,

inbound14 takeaways

Our inboxes are flooded with mails from businesses vying for our attention, but we hardly open a few of those.

“It is hard to get anything across unless you do something bold.” – Brooke Hammerling, Founder, Brew Media Relations

It’s a fierce competition to get noticed by the consumer. So if you have something to say,you have to say it in a way that grabs eyeballs. If you are not ready to take the risk and try out new ways of marketing, the customer might never hear about you.



There are no superpowers that would bring more traffic to your website, no magic that would transform your business. There’s just you and the people you work with-their ideas, their hard work and their passion; that will get you results.

“Have a standard that you hire better than you in your functional area- A players hire A+ players.” – Guy Kawasaki, Evangelist & Author

If your people are the ones who make the magic happen, it makes sense to hire the best. Your business grows when the people you bring in are capable of taking it forward. If you are good, they should be better. That is progress.

“Great leaders would sacrifice the numbers to save the people. When push comes to shove, numbers never come to your rescue – but people do.” – Simon Sinek, Author & Speaker

It’s the people who bring in the numbers. If you lose them, your numbers might stay but they do not go any higher. So make sure that for you, the people always come first.

“Changing your mind is a sign of intelligence, not a mistake” – Guy Kawasaki, Evangelist & Author

Changing your mind mind means you have given the problem some more thought. It means you are willing to  consider new ideas. And ideas are never a bad thing.

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